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Marjorie Jackson-Baptiste

Marjorie Jackson-Baptiste, director of the community-based outpatient clinic, is a retired military officer.

She enlisted in the Army in 1994 and completed a foundation at Fort Jackson, North Carolina. Her first station was Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas, where she spent 18 months before in 1996 her battalion moved to Fort Her Bliss, El Paso, Texas. Active duty unit for 6 months on a peacekeeping mission. Marjorie retired from active duty in late 1998 and joined the New York National Guard. She spent six years in the Guard and in 2001 in New York City she was activated for the September 11 terrorist attacks. In 2005, Ms. Jackson left her NYS National Guard to join the Army Reserve. Four months after she joined the reserves, she was deployed for her 17 months, of which her 12 months were spent at Camp Her Diamondback in Moselle, Iraq. Marjorie is a highly decorated staff sergeant who was injured in the line of duty during her final deployment.

Jackson-Baptiste started working at VANJHCS as a Medical Support Assistant in June 2010 and has been in charge of managing nine outpatient clinics since 2014. Marjorie holds a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration, a Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration, and an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration. She is a member of her College of Healthcare Executives and her local VFW.

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