Massachusetts reaches settlement with mortgage servicer over foreclosure practices

On August 17, the Massachusetts Attorney General ordered mortgage servicers across the country to pay $3.2 million to settle allegations that their mortgage servicing, debt collection, and foreclosure practices were unfair and deceptive. I announced that I had to pay. According to the Cancellation Guarantee, the servicer violated Massachusetts law against unlawful and unnecessary foreclosure by failing to provide notice and opportunity for the borrower to apply for a loan modification and be reviewed. It is said that Among other things, the servicer made more debt collection calls than allowed by state law, failed to notify the borrower of its right to demand verification of the amount owed, and improperly charged foreclosure-related fees before obtaining authority. It is said that Failed to send foreclosure, required debt verification notices. The servicer denied the allegations, but agreed to pay the borrower her $2.7 million in the form of a forgiveness of the eligible loan and he penalized a $500,000 fine. The servicer also agreed to “significantly change” its business practices.

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