Massapequa Coast Little League advances to district competition

The Massapequa Coast Little League is on its way to the regional competition.

It will be the first time in its 72-year history that a 12-year-old team will advance to a regional and have a chance to qualify for the Little League World Series.

The team won the New York State Little League championship with a three-run homer by Ryan Huxloot.

“I have to win the state, which is very difficult and now I am fighting for the state championship in my region,” Huksloot said. “This competition is going to be tough, but if we work together and work together, I think we can win.”

On Friday, the team received a special send-off from John J. Barnes Park as the boys headed to Bristol, Connecticut, for the big game.

Coaches say it was a true team effort that won the state title.

For head coach Roland Clark, it’s a story that comes full circle. He won the state title in his 1989 with his Little Massapequa only other team in his league.

“To be able to share that with my son, these boys, and this town is just amazing,” says Clark.

Massapequa’s first game in the region will be against the Toms River League of New Jersey on Saturday afternoon.

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