Mayor of North Haldon, New Jersey resists demand to remove summit star

NORTH HALLEDON — The mayor of this Passeic Township has defended his decision to place a large shining star atop High Mountain, an area adjacent to Wayne Township, and two complaints in two years have resulted in It says it does not fully justify the conservation group’s demands. Delete.

“The stars have given us hope through the pandemic,” Mayor Randy George said on the official North Haldon borough website page.

CBS New York reports that George said he received permission from Wayne officials, the state’s Green Acres Program and the Nature Conservancy to erect the star in 2020.

However, the mountain’s minority owner, The Nature Conservancy, said otherwise, and on March 23 ordered the star to be removed within seven days.

George refused and launched a petition to keep the star, but replied to explain his position to TNC, claiming no response.

CBS New York reported that the petition has already gathered hundreds of signatures.

TNC told CBS New York, “I noticed an individual climbing the stars.”

However, it is not clear to what extent the organization has a say in the matter. A letter from Wayne Mayor Christopher Vergano to TNC reiterated the township’s position as majority owner of High Mountain and expressed support for George and North Haldon.

“Wayne Township stands by the mayor and the people of North Haledon,” said Vergano’s letter. [sic] Do not dispute the placement of the stars. ”

George has directed those who support leaving a star to contact Dr. Barbara Brammer, New Jersey Director of the Sanctuary at [email protected] or 908-879-7262.

Patrick Lavery is a New Jersey 101.5 reporter and anchor. He can be reached at [email protected].

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