Mayor’s Department of Culture and Economy Focuses on Economic Growth

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — On Wednesday afternoon, New Orleans Mayor Cantrell held a press conference to discuss the city’s economic growth and sustainability. Local cultural organizations joined the Mayor’s Department of Culture and Economy, recognizing partnerships that support their mission to create opportunities and systems that “enable true economic activity.”

At the press conference, Mayor Cantrell emphasized the importance of preserving New Orleans’ culture and investing in its cultural community. “You can’t choose which parts of the culture you want to support and whether we want to support all of them,” he said.

Cultural and Economics Director Lisa Alexis said this year’s cultural festivals were a success, with the French Quarter Fest in particular hitting record numbers. Alexis added that her final Four was an “economic win” for the city of New Orleans.

In addition to that, the Mayor’s Department of Cultural Economy wants to bring growth to cultural economy stakeholders and the general public. Through our virtual series, we are fulfilling our mission to “embrace culture” by showcasing local expressions of art, literature, film, music, crafts, fashion and cuisine. The series was created to provide a platform for artists to reach a wider audience and generate revenue.

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