Meet Moxie! Robots that help Trinity Health nurses with their daily tasks

(WXYZ) — In the midst of a staffing shortage, hospitals are finding creative ways to use their current staff more efficiently.

Pontiac hopes Trinity Health will be testing two new robots named “Moxi” to ease the workload of nurses.

Moxi is made by Diligent Robotics and has been in operation at Trinity Health since mid-July.

More than just a friendly greeting, RN Tanya Watson says Moxi has been a big help. With a few clicks on a tablet, Moxi can deliver supplies, medicines, and even lunches for patients on different floors throughout the hospital.

Moxi is a robot!

“Basically, she runs errands for us when we can’t,” said Watson. “If she didn’t do it, I would stop what I was doing, run downstairs, go to logistics, go get lunch, go back upstairs to deliver the patient, and then my The day had to go on,’ said Watson. “Like it is now, it only took a few seconds.”

Nurse manager Carly Hayes says Moxi is primarily used during night shifts.

In an age of high nurse burnout, Hayes says Moxi makes it easier to manage work.

according to July 2021 Nursing CE Central Survey95% of nurses reported feeling burned out at some point in the past three years.

“It’s about staying where nurses want to be. Nurses want to be in the room and with the patient,” Hayes says.

While not a perfect solution to a nationwide problem, these nurses say the help goes a long way. The hospital currently has two Moxis, and may have more in the future.

“We need more Moxie,” said Watson. “We need to see more of her.”

Robot Moxy!

St. Joseph is the first hospital in Michigan to use Moxi. Trinity Health says if all goes well, more hospitals will see Moxi.

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