Meredith Blake’s ‘The Parent Trap’ fashion is truly unparalleled

Meredith Blake deserves disney enemies parent’s trapthe 26-year-old publicist portrayed the iconic Cruella de Vil-type evil that made the beloved ’90s movie what it was. selfish and detached from the joys of childlike antics, seemingly malicious while standing in the way of Harry and Annie’s ambitions to reunite their divorced parents. It looks, but it’s undeniably sophisticated.

Most recently, discourse about the film and Hendrix’s character has pointed out that perhaps she’s not so evil after all, she’s just grossly misunderstood. I mean, Nick Parker never even told her about her second daughter, her twins, being separated at birth.

“Meredith Blake was no selfish gold digger. She was a determined opportunist,” Hendrix declared in character as Meredith on a TikTok shared by E! News from last year. “And if I’m Cruella being compared to a strong, trendy, successful woman, bring a dalmation and a cigarette holder.”

Whatever your moral woes with Meredith, there’s no denying she has impeccable style. Like her blue-eyed bombshell in her blonde hair, she said, “It’s not a crime to be young and beautiful.”

Courtesy of Disney.

TikTok certainly grabs attention, and #MeredithBlake has 98.8 million views. Meredith-focused content consists primarily of users emulating her gorgeous aesthetic.If you’re looking for the perfect balance of ’90s glam and old-money class, Meredith is the ultimate inspiration. It’s a ration.

Her cold, braided look has stood the test of time, giving way to iconic looks, each with its own high-fashion charm and country-club coolness. From poolside outfits to her knockout LBD, Meredith’s wardrobe is elegant and effortless and always looks like her old Ralph Lauren ad.

Luckily, recreating her ensemble isn’t too difficult thanks to her timeless taste. Shop the four Meredith Blake-inspired looks below.

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poolside chic

Courtesy of Disney

Meredith Blake’s first onscreen appearance is from under the brim of an oversized sun hat. You can literally call it a dubious look. Along with her iconic headpiece, she wears a structured mini, her strappy sandals, and a bold lip while lounging poolside. Some might argue that her ensemble wasn’t right for the setting, but Meredith’s looks are far from understated.

If you’re this good-looking, you don’t want to be splashed by a child.

Separates that look good

Courtesy of Disney

Meredith means business. When she next appears on screen, she wears a matching set of finely crafted pinstripes while conveying the iconic line about her plan to send Annie (as Harry) to a boarding school in Timbuktu. Another favorite look is the gray duster above worn over a black mini. It perfectly balances feminine debonairness.

Pair these wardrobe staples with a timeless black handbag or martini.

Essential LBD

Courtesy of Disney

Ah, the power of LBD.For Meredith, it’s the sexy black number that prompts Elizabeth to call her “her leg-tight skirt naked fiancé.”This dress is moment, sultry, with a strappy back and understated front. And of course, her pretty gold jewelry certainly doesn’t hurt.

Honestly, if you ever run into an SO ex, this is exactly what I want to wear.

monochromatic athleisure

Courtesy of Disney

Let’s be real — if parent’s trap Meredith would have totally rocked a lululemon belt bag in this fit when was filmed today, but I love the Prada backpack she carries in the flick.

Perhaps the most memorable outfit in the entire movie, Meredith sports an all-black fitted workout set with white trim to go on a camping trip that repels more mosquitoes than an actual hike. but she good is doing.

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