Missing daughter was with relatives after 2019 killing, mother tells investigators

The Middlesex County Attorney’s Office has released indictment information against a mother and her boyfriend accused of murdering the mother’s daughter nearly three years ago.

Police say Sidney Durham was murdered by her mother’s boyfriend in 2019, and her mother, Monique, knew about it and never told police.

Durham was murdered in 2019 at his home in Perth Amboy by Matthew Childs, according to a police investigation.

Sidney Durham and her twin sister were victims of abuse at the hands of Chile, according to the complaint.

During that visit, Monique Durham told her surviving daughter to hide and tried to interfere with the investigation. Say it wasn’t true.

Investigators caught up with Durham and Childs as the investigation continued into late July, at which point she revealed what had happened to her daughter.

The complaint states: “She has shown that Mr. Childs murdered his daughter on June 8, 2019. Ms. Durham saw Mr. Childs leave the residence with Sidney’s body. Mr. Childs returned without Sidney’s body, and told her it would be, and I wish she hadn’t known where he had hidden her.”

Chile has been charged with murder. Monique Durham has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child for failing to report the death and alleged abuse.

news 12 We learn that Monique Durham has been released from county jail.

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