MLB Adopts Pitch Clock, Shift Limits, Bigger Bases For 2023

Major League Baseball adopted an initial pitch clock, defensive shift restrictions, and larger bases the following season to shorten games and increase offense in a tradition-bound sport.

A decision by the sport’s 11-man athletics committee on clock and shift limits was made Friday against unanimous objections of the players on the panel. It has long been pushed to combat 40 years of increasing dead time and offensive suffocation in the age of analytics.

“Through extensive testing in recent years, minor league staff and a wide range of fans (from the most loyal to the casual observer) have become aware of the overall impact of these changes making the game better and more enjoyable. statement.

Until last winter, MLB required a year’s notice to change on-field rules without approval from the Players Association. The union agreed to form a committee including six management representatives, four players and one referee in the lockout settlement in March.

“Players enjoy the game day in and day out. The rules and regulations on the field affect their preparation, performance and ultimately the integrity of the game itself,” the union said in a statement. “Major League Baseball did not want to meaningfully address the concerns raised by the players.”

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