Monash Health pilots FiveP role-based messaging app

Monash Health, one of Victoria’s largest public health services, is implementing a new messaging application developed by IT service provider FiveP in Microsoft Teams.

According to Monash Health’s CMIO Dr Michael Franco, a role-based messaging solution called Baret has been trialed with more than 600 medical registrants across the health service’s five hospitals.

about it

Baret enables closed-loop communication between clinical workers and frontline workers. This allows users to know exactly who to contact and get the connection straight away.

One of its key functions is to provide confirmation of message handovers to parties. This will ensure that open communication is transferred to new staff entering the shift. It also helps users easily browse and prioritize messages.

Additionally, Beret provides auditability and traceability of all communications via an administrator dashboard, and EMR/PAS system integration.

Released last Octobera Microsoft Teams messaging extension originally developed to support clinical communications at Austin Health.

why it matters

Monash Health decided to try Baret for its potential to improve clinical communications and streamline the work of its internal contact center. Mark Gravell, Director of Technology Business Services at Monash Health, said:

Dr. Franco expects the pilot to “provide a consistent, streamlined and timely method of clinical communication, allowing frontline employees to spend more time on direct patient care.” .

the bigger trend

Elderly care provider New Zealand’s Third Aged Health faces the same communication challenges due to high staff turnover. It recently expanded its use of Celo Health’s internal clinical communication platform to include clinicians and aged care facility partners. The company last year first adopted a messaging app to ensure uninterrupted communication among staff while responding to his growing number of COVID-19 cases.

on record

“Hospitals are environments with a variety of communication modalities available, which can contribute to a high level of variability. and streamline, while significantly improving overall communication, with features such as secure clinical image sharing and tools such as one-touch multidisciplinary conferencing for rapid response to patient scenarios. said David Dennis, Managing Director of FiveP, of the company’s messaging solution.

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