Monmouth County SPCA to Host Annual Clear the Shelter This Weekend

The Monmouth County SPCA will host its annual Clear the Shelter this weekend.
news 12 new jersey Jim Murdoch shows off some of the animals for adoption at the Eatontown Shelter.

“Unfortunately, not all of these animals find their forever homes anytime or very quickly, so at this time of year we have a Clear the Shelter event to bring home beautiful loving pets. To find out, we offer a huge discount across the board,” said Ross Licitola, Executive Director of the Monmouth County SPCA.

Each year, the Eatontown shelter welcomes over 5,000 animals. Some animals wait a long time before starting a new life.

“For kittens, we’ve adopted One Get One, selling cats and all dogs at discounted prices across the board. Many are donation only. Any donation to the Monmouth County SPCA is welcome.” Beautiful Dogs Let’s go out with ,” Ross said.

Older animals also need permanent homes.

“Our old dogs are wonderful animals and rescuing them gives them a second chance at life. said.

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