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Mortgage Foreclosure Notice This company is a debt collection company attempting to collect a debt. The information we obtain is used for that purpose. If you are an active military member, please contact our office at the number below. Note to Buyer: This sale is subject to cancellation by the foreclosure mortgagee. In that case, the customer’s damages shall be limited only to the refund of the bid amount and interest that were bid at the time of sale. Notice of Foreclosure by Advertisement: Pursuant to Section 3212 of the Judicial Code of 1961, as amended, 1961 PA236, MCL 600.3212, the You will be notified that it will be seized. Auction sales in cash or cashier’s checks to the highest bidder will begin on October 5, 2022 at 10:00 am at the site of the Shiawassee County Circuit Court. Sale. The highest price at sale does not automatically give the buyer free and clear ownership of the property. Potential purchasers are encouraged to contact the county registry office or title insurance company at the deed office. Both may charge a fee for this information. Sale of Mortgage: The default was made on the terms of a mortgage made by mortgagee Sandra J. Simmons and Clayton J. Simmons to her LENDER LTD. DBA METRO MORTGAGE CORPORATION, dated August 11, 2003, Liber 18, 2003, recorded in Shiawassee County Records, Michigan, last assigned to LoanCare, LLC, assignee of the mortgage. rice field. Documented by assignment of mortgage on June 8, 2022, recorded on June 14, 2002, Siawasse County Records, Michigan, Liber 1297, page 0525, with mortgage expired as of that date, The sum of 63,631 and 24/100 US dollars ($63,631.24) allegedly owed. The facility is located at 266 E. Henderson Road, Owosso, Michigan 48867, Owosso, Shiawasse County, Michigan and is described as: /4 of SECTION 19, Town 8 North, Range 3 East, Shiawassee County Record. The period is 30 days from the date of sale. Pursuant to Title 32 of the Judiciary Act of 1961, as amended, if the property is sold by foreclosure, the borrower may indemnify the person who purchased the property by foreclosure or the mortgagee under MCLA 600.3278 for damages to the property. You will be held responsible. during the redemption period. Note to homeowners: If you are an active duty military member, your term of active duty ends within his 90 days, or you are ordered to serve on active duty, contact an attorney for the party foreclosed on your mortgage. Please contact. Phone number provided in this notice. Date: August 8, 2022 For more information call: Quintairos, Prieto, Wood & Boyer, PA Attorneys for Servicer 255 South Orange Avenue, Suite 900 Orlando, Florida 32801 (855) 287-0240 Matter No. MI-000393-22


Publication Dates: August 16, 23, 30, 2022 and September 6, 2022

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