Moschetti Syndication Law Group Releases New Course on Real Estate Syndication

The Moschetti Syndication Law Group has released a course for those looking to get started putting together real estate syndications using the SEC’s Rule D, Rules 506b and 506c.

The Moschetti Syndication Law Group has announced the release of a new course “Launching Syndications”. This course is designed to provide a starting point for those seeking to begin putting together a Regulation D real estate syndicate using the SEC’s Rules 506b and 506c.

This course covers important topics that syndicators need to know. This includes how to build a real estate syndicate, how to find investors, how to find good deals, how to choose between Rule 506b and 506c, private placement memorandums, how to distribute, and more. Syndication investor. Courses are available online for free.

“We created this course because people wanted to put together a real estate syndicate or real estate fund but didn’t know how to get started,” said founding partner CCIM, Esq. He has a solid background as well as hands-on experience in successfully running real estate syndications himself and wanted to share that knowledge with others.”

The course begins by providing an overview of the real estate syndication process. “Forests are easily lost among the trees when you do a fund or syndication. I decided to start with a high-level overview to make the process easier to understand,” he said.

Moschetti Syndication Law Group is a boutique syndication law firm specializing in Regulation D offerings under Rule 506b or 506c, serving both small and growth-minded syndicators and private equity firms. Its “boutique” size allows us to tailor our services to each client’s unique needs without turning your company into a faceless factory or passing on unnecessary overhead to your clients. We not only prepare Reg D documents (private placement memoranda, operating agreements, subscription agreements, etc.), but also provide actual business consulting to each client to ensure their success.

In terms of client experience, Moschetti lays out the client’s ambitions and overall vision, what it takes to close current deals, fill the “missing” pieces, and continue to add syndicates to the portfolio. provide anything.

Moschetti Syndication Law Group provides comprehensive syndication services (Private Placement Memorandum, Operating Agreement, Subscription Agreement) as well as business and equity raising advice from experienced securities attorneys who are also active syndicators.

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