Mother Cabrini Festival Feast Returns After Pandemic Suspension

Mother Cabrini’s feast returned to Brentwood on Saturday for the first time in two years.

After the pandemic put the festival on hold for the past few years, the food was back and people were enjoying the rides at the Suffolk County Community College celebration.

People said they were happy to celebrate again.

“I’m here every year, obviously not during COVID, but I’m here every year,” enthused Bayshore resident Selena Jimenez.

Feasting at the Mother Cabrini Festival has been a tradition here on Long Island for nearly 50 years. It’s been a family tradition for Jimenez and her family.

“It means everything. It’s what we do as a family. We go to carnivals, but this is the most important carnival we go to,” she added.

The festival also had plenty of entertainment and rides for people of all ages. People like Bayshore’s Kenneth Jimenez enjoyed their meals.

“Sausage Mike — the best sausage ever and the Zeppol guy here. Incredible,” he said.

Salvatore Bisulca, president of Giuseppe A. Nigro Lodge, said he has been running the festival for the past seven years and is raising money for charity.

“We manage a lot of organizations and we do the right thing with our donations,” Bisulca said. He also loved organizing festivals, adding that it was part of his life on Long Island.

“I grew up Italian. My father, mother, grandparents. I used to come here a lot when I was 10. I live in Brentwood, I graduated from Brentwood, and all my friends are here. ‘ he said.

In addition to all the activities, there were some events that people were looking forward to, including fireworks on Saturday night.

Revelers said they were looking forward to next Saturday’s Zeppol Eating Contest.

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