MTA places ‘bus ambassadors’ at Bronx bus stops to help commuters

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority posted bus ambassadors throughout the Bronx on Thursday to help travelers navigate the Bronx bus redesign that began in June.

The redesign includes 13 major route changes, two new routes, and many changes to bus stops and schedules. MTA brochures have QR codes that people can scan to see planned route changes.

The Bronx Bass Ambassadors will be on the road in 18 locations Friday and next week from 6:30-9:30 am and 2-5 pm to help get you back to school.

MTA Bus Ambassador Brian Bond isn’t just handing out flyers about the BX11 and BX18 changes. He is part of the Customer Ambassador program, which guides riders to re-acclimate to the Bronx bus system.

“They haven’t been on the bus much over the summer, so I’m just trying to help them … now we’re trying to keep them updated,” says Bond.

Clarina, a Bronx commuter, said her home attendants usually let her know about bus changes, but it was nice to have assistance on the road.

“People don’t know, so that’s a good thing. A lot of people don’t know. Some older people like me,” she says.

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