Multiple Catalytic Converters Stolen in Middletown

Several people in Monmouth County were unable to drive on Wednesday because thieves stole a catalytic converter from under the car.

Two of the victims told News 12 New Jersey that they knew crimes of this kind were on the rise but didn’t expect it to happen to them.

There have been at least six recent incidents, according to Middletown Police, with four stolen overnight and thieves attempting to steal two more.

Daniel Feliciano of Middletown’s Port Monmouth section says the thief tried to rob him of his catalytic converter, but was stopped midway through the act by a patrol officer. Feliciano says it now hangs by a thread. must be repaired or replaced.

Christopher Grace, a resident of the North Middletown area, said he was grateful that his insurance covered everything except the $700 deductible. But he says the theft is hard to accept.

“I have a Rottweiler and a ring camera, but that’s not enough. My bedroom was about four meters away from where the incident happened and I didn’t hear anything,” he said. increase.

Both victims say the replacement will cost between $1,000 and $3,000.

Police said the suspect’s car was a black BMW. They ask residents to be alert and call if they hear any unusual sounds, especially at night.

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