Nassau IDA votes to end property tax deal with Amazon over shortage of new jobs at Syosset warehouse

Amazon lost millions in tax breaks for its Syosset warehouse located in the former Sellowia, just off the Long Island Freeway.

The Nassau County Industrial Development Authority has decided to terminate the property tax agreement with the company.

The e-commerce giant said it would create 150 new jobs on its Robbins Lane site. This was part of a deal with Nassau County that gives the company about $11 million in tax credits over 15 years.

The deal is currently out of consideration because Amazon failed to deliver the promised new jobs at the not-yet-open Syosset facility.

The company told the Nassau County IDA that it plans to close its Bethpage facility and move hundreds of jobs from there to Syosset and elsewhere.

An IDA representative said the move wasn’t a new job and that Amazon didn’t keep its promises.

Millions of dollars the company earned from tax cuts will be returned to Nassau County.

IDA President Richard Kessel said in a statement, “We will return the property to our tax records and recover all the money we spent on the sale and the record tax deduction for the mortgage. We thank Amazon for their cooperation.”

Court Cousins, co-president of the North Syosset Civic Association, said he was disappointed the new jobs weren’t coming, but the replacement tax payments that Nassau County had expected as part of this year’s deal would continue. I hope that

Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman said closing the deal would ensure taxpayers are protected.

News 12 reached out to Amazon, which declined to comment.

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