Nationwide Black Farmers President Boyd Dejected Biden Refuses Debt Relief for Black Farmers

President Biden’s Inflation Cut Act Abandons Black Farmers Debt Relief, Sen. Schumer Pledges to Support Boyd’s Call for Farm Foreclosure Moratorium

Boydton, Virginia, August 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — “President Biden has now eliminated the promised debt relief for black farmers provided in the 2021 American Relief Plan Act (ARPA) because white farmers claimed reverse discrimination. We must act quickly to protect the peasants, not in weeks or months, but to save many black, Native American, and other farmers of color from ruin. I will honor his promise to open a

President Biden and his team in the White House must take personal responsibility for this new inflation-cutting law. The president’s legacy and the future of thousands of Black, Native American, and other farmers of color are weighing the scales. Again, I ask President Biden to honor his promises to us and to the thousands of Black, Native American, and other farmers of color who were granted 120% debt forgiveness last year. I urge you.

Today, I ask President Biden to issue a farm foreclosure moratorium. ” John Boyd Jr.President of the National Black Farmers Association

I am also calling on Senators Chuck Schumer (D-NY) To honor his commitment on Joe Madison the Black Eagle podcast celebrating the Inflation Reduction Act John BoydPresident, president of the National Association of Black Farmers, secures a moratorium on farm foreclosures for American farmers.” (

Watch Now: Black Farmers Say Inflation Cut Bill Breaks Promise of Debt Relief

We invite our fellow farmers, neighbors and friends to join us John Boyd in his call to the president Joe Biden Issue a farm foreclosure moratorium to save America’s farmers.The Biden Farm Foreclosure Moratorium should include direct and insured loans for farm titles from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Services Agency (FSA), as well as foreclosure protection for other farm loans by private lenders, but legal Remedies are implemented at the discretion of the Director Tom Vilsac According to the IRA.

Farm Foreclosure Moratorium Needed Now! Save America’s Farms!

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