Nearly 1,000 households expected to participate in military food giveaways to combat hunger

Fayetteville, NC (WTVD) — One in six military families is food insecure, according to a national survey conducted by the Military Family Advisory Network (MFAN). As such, the organization is hosting a food distribution event in Fayetteville on Saturday, September 10, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

The grocery giveaway comes just in time for Hunger Action Month, when supporters raise awareness about poverty and other issues that cause hunger.

800 families are expected to come to Manna Church on Clifdale Road in search of food and supplies, and another 150 are on a waiting list. According to organizers, this shows how widespread food insecurity is damaging local families.

“You can’t function well when you’re hungry,” said Derek Doyle, MFAN’s deputy director for government and public affairs. There will definitely be consequences.”

This is the fourth food distribution event MFAN has held with Manna Church since June 2021. Doyle said the hardships that come with military life, such as having to move frequently and often having the whole family living on only his one income, usually make people suffer. I explained why. get hungry. He said the food provided is an important lifeline for vulnerable families and helps them function in their daily lives.

“Each person arriving tomorrow will receive 50 pounds or more of frozen protein, seasonal produce and household goods, all free of charge. It’s equivalent to groceries, and it’s going to be a little easier for a month,” Doyle said.

Manna Church Admissions and Outreach Director Jordan Gill said: “And especially in the current economic climate, with inflation and gas and food prices as they are, it’s now more difficult than ever to get some of these items that were usually easy. I think there are.

CVS Health and Tyson Foods are also partners for drive-thru events. It is part of MFAN’s Combat Military Hunger initiative, a nationwide effort to reduce food insecurity among military personnel and veterans. Doyle said he is proud of his team’s accomplishments in serving the community. Well over a million meals have been delivered to his over 10,000 family members, but he hopes they will end this fight soon.

“My dream is to never have to host an event like this for our family so we don’t have to rely on nonprofits to keep food on the table for our family. It will be gone,” Doyle said.

The Manna Church said families shouldn’t be discouraged if they can’t attend a food distribution event.If you need support, come year-round to the Manna Dream Center in downtown Fayetteville on Ray Avenue. receive.

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