Neighbors say they have not heard of any complaints about the parking lot at the body shop.

Neighbors of the Valley Stream auto repair shop say constant complaints about parking have not been resolved.

Competition Collision parks the vehicle it is working on along with its employees’ vehicles on Bismarck Avenue, making it difficult for residents to move around.

A resident told News 12 that a car is always parked in front of the house and runs through the street like an obstacle course.

“You can see how crowded it is. They park up and down the block,” said resident Steve Wends.

According to Valley Stream village officials, the village parking ordinance allows cars to be parked on the street for only four hours before they must be moved. Neighbors say the rules are not enforced.

Since January 2020, Valley Stream officials added that law enforcement officers have issued more than 60 subpoenas. Many of these violations include numerous subpoenas for the overflow of trash bins and auto parts left on Bismarck Avenue.

A Competition Collision employee said, “We can’t park in Rockaway, so they have to deal with being around the business.

The employee added that most of the cars parked along Bismarck Avenue belonged to employees.

Valley Stream officials say the rival clash owners are scheduled to appear in court on Sept. 15.

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