Netflix’s fall food show line-up announced

This fall, Netflix is ​​hosting an extensive food show.whether you want to go to the festival together Great British Baking Show: Holidays Or do you like to laugh your ass off thanks to your quirky creations? nailed it!you will surely find the perfect autumn show for you.

Here are the food shows coming to Netflix this fall (and early winter):

Chef’s Table: Pizza

chef’s table continues to bring viewers the work of talented chefs from around the world, but this time the show is all about pizza. Given that there are so many unique interpretations of how to make a good pie, expect a lot of creativity this season. chef’s table.

Delish US Featured Video Preview

Great British Baking Show

There is still a little more time until the event Great American Baking Show It will premiere on the Roku channel next year, but until then we have a new season Great British Baking Show to keep us satisfied. With a new set of eager competitors, this season is sure to bring a new level of excitement to your baking tent.

Great British Baking Show: Holidays

Nothing gets us in the holiday spirit like a group of amateur bakers serving up the best cakes, pies, and other decadent treats.This holiday-centric version of Great British Baking Show It airs November 18, just in time to find inspiration for your Thanksgiving dessert table.

easy bake battle

Hello nostalgia! Inspired by the Hasbro toy that made a ton of small cakes, this new cooking contest will highlight quick and easy recipes that still impress. easy bake battle hosted by queer eyeby Antoni Porowski, and will premiere on October 12.

nailed it!

nevertheless nailed it! After six seasons, the Netflix series manages to bring more hilarity and mayhem each year. nailed it! It will reportedly be Halloween-themed.

someone to feed phil

Phil Rosenthal is on the road again for Season 6. someone to feed phil. This time, everyone loves raymond Creators head to Croatia, Nashville, Santiago, and more to explore local cuisine. Viewers will be able to join his Phil’s adventures when the new season premieres on his October 18th.

drink masters

Because there are many cooking contests, drink masters It’s a welcome break from cakes, pizza and other booze-free creations. With 10 episodes of 40 minutes, drink masters Twelve mixologists will compete for the coveted title of Ultimate Drink Master. The Netflix series will premiere on his October 28th.

snack vs chef

Feeling like a snack? you are in luck! premiered on November 30th snack vs chefa series focusing on 12 chefs who are tasked with recreating classic snacks. The series is hosted by comedians Megan Stalter and Hari Kondabolu, so expect a few laughs along the way. I can do it.

cook at any cost

In this contest series, three home cooks will have the chance to bid on ingredients from a $25,000 pool. Competitors will have to decide if splurging improves their diet, or if just thrifting things will do the trick. will be published.

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