New 130-family housing development planned for economy

Mars-based Weaver Homes' new residential development is planned for the economy, consisting of 130 single-family residential units and a clubhouse.

Economy – A new housing development is coming to the Borough.

At a recent meeting, the District Council agreed to approve Phase 1 of the Lakeside Village Courtyard.

Proposed by Mars-based Weaver Homes, the development is approximately 82 acres on Pfaff Road and will consist of 130 single-family homes and a clubhouse. The house has no age limit and pets are allowed.

As part of the proposed development, there would be a new access point on Conway Wallroads Road, sidewalks would exist on both sides of the street, and sewage and clean water would be provided by existing suppliers in the area.

Economic manager Randy S. Kankur said the developer is expected to break ground this year and the full project will be in various phases broken down over the next few years.

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