New data highlights real estate career opportunities created as a result of pandemic

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A new study from digital education platform Aceable shows how the pandemic has directly impacted major changes to real estate careers. The pandemic has accelerated the housing market in unprecedented ways. From record high prices and sales to record low inventories nationwide, we have created new career opportunities in real estate for those seeking a career that supports both their personal and financial needs.

Aceable’s Real Estate Retrospective 2022 Report, which surveyed people who switched to real estate from a different career in 2019 and beyond, found that getting a real estate license during the pandemic was one of the biggest challenges facing many Americans. You have presented your own solution to your concern. More income or better flexibility to avoid burnout. In fact, 92% of those surveyed agree that COVID has increased their incentive to pivot to real estate.

46% of respondents said they entered real estate because they needed additional financial support and/or flexibility in caring for family members. 45% said working conditions at her previous job made her feel unsafe due to COVID and/or wanted the option to work remotely, and 41% said she experienced burnout at her previous job. I’m here. Before the switch, 81% were employed full-time in corporate jobs. This is a 45% increase from the number of respondents who said so in 2020.

An Aceable senior said, “People are finding the opportunities a career in real estate offers not only to fill a financial gap, but also to do more amid unprecedented parenting challenges, burnout from stressful roles, and more.” We recognize that we offer a flexible work life.” Real estate analyst Laura Adams. “Despite the cooling in the real estate market, more and more people are still seeking a real estate license, further proving that it is a coveted career for those seeking a more flexible work life. increase.”

Additionally, the massive shift to online learning has made obtaining a real estate license more convenient for many. 75% said they took pre-licensing courses online, which is 71% more than the number of respondents who said they took courses online in his 2020 survey from Aceable. is.

“Digital real estate education is here to stay. We will never again see a world where the majority of newly licensed agents attend face-to-face classes, and with advances in online learning this is no longer necessary,” said Adams. continue. “People have found the ability to obtain licenses from any computer anywhere they have internet access to be incredibly convenient for their day-to-day chaotic lives. The number is increasing year by year, and it is expected that the growth will accelerate in the future.”

Other findings from Aceable’s Real Estate Retrospective 2022 Report include:

  • Licensing was just the first hurdle. Agents enter the field uncertain about their newfound career path, with 98% saying they have questions or concerns about exactly how to get started. 81% questioned how long it would take to build a business and 84% wondered what their daily life would be like.
  • Luckily, finding a job was painless for many. 77% said they found a job as soon as they started actively looking for a job, and 81% said securing a job as a real estate agent was easier than they thought. 78% even said they believe securing a job as a real estate agent is easier than securing a job in any other field.
  • New Agent Earned Compensation: Agent reported average pre-tax income of $35,052 in first year of real estate and is now increasing pre-tax annual income to $216,989, making license a sustainable career Converting to path. This came as a pleasant surprise to those who said more than half (57%) of respondents said they earned more than expected.

Aceable’s Real Estate Retrospective 2022 Report surveyed 600 people aged 18 and over who have a real estate license and actively use it for a living, and have switched to real estate from another career since 2019. Based on a survey of Americans. For more information and to read the full report see here and here.

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