New Gourmet Food Options at Notre Dame Stadium

SOUTH BEND, Indiana (WNDU) – Notre Dame is gearing up for its first home game of the season, but it’s not just the football team.

Stadium chefs are creating several new gourmet menu items for snacking during the game.

Most people will recognize this Indiana favorite. This is their new pork tenderloin sandwich and it comes with all the ingredients: pickles, bacon, jalapeño mustard and chips.

They also offer these “pot-o-gold nachos,” dormer dogs with caramelized onions, blue cheese, bacon, new pot roast sandwiches, and shamrock pretzels.

If you want to know how to cheer for the Irish and manage a meal at the same time, these chefs have designed these dishes so fans can do both from their seats.

“They are definitely chef-inspired menus that are designed for fans to eat while they are seated. One Travis Johnson said.

Some of these foods are called “countdown items”, meaning that only a certain number are produced. So if you want to try a pork tenderloin sandwich, the first food he’ll want to make is one.

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