New Jersey adds 17,800 jobs, unemployment and labor force are declining

Trenton – New Jersey employers added 17,800 jobs in March, pushing the state’s unemployment rate down 0.4 percentage points to 4.2%.

Eight of the nine major private industry sectors all recorded gains, with the exception of information, according to monthly data released Thursday by the state labor office. 4,300 in services and business services and 4,200 in trade, transportation and utilities.

New Jersey’s economy has added jobs for the 16th straight month. 679,400 jobs have been added in the past 23 months since bottoming out in April 2020 when lockdowns were imposed at the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

This represents 92.7% of the 732,600 jobs lost in March and April 2020, slightly above the 91.5% lost jobs recovered nationally.

State-by-state data will be released by the federal government on Friday. The state’s recovery rate ranks her 21st among 50 states as of a month after New Jersey regained her 89.9% of lost jobs in her first report in February. was expensive.

February employment rose to show an increase of 29,200, 3,300 more than originally estimated.

At a New Jersey Chamber of Commerce meeting in Atlantic City, which focused on developing strategies on how to make the state more welcoming to businesses, Gov. has the 9th highest economic growth rate in the country, with an annual rate of 5.4%. In the fourth quarter he was 7.4%.

“This growth is all the more impressive given the headwinds of inflationary pressures in the country, enormous mental health stress and learning, and the onset of the Omicron tsunami.

Former state chief economist Charles Steindel, who analyzes the Garden State Initiative’s monthly employment report, says the unemployment rate is still higher than the nation’s 3.6%. He also noted that the workforce has fallen by 4,000 from him, to its lowest level since November 2020.

“This is in contrast to the recent fairly strong increase in the country’s workforce,” said Steindel. “It’s not just the slowing population growth here that’s different with this country. The labor force participation rate in the country is rising while the labor force participation rate is declining. Right now, New Jersey’s labor force participation rate is going up. It is very difficult to comprehend the slackness of the workforce, especially given the strong employment environment.”

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These are the best hiking spots in New Jersey

A trip to New Jersey doesn’t have to be all about the beaches. Our state has some great trails, waterfalls and lakes to enjoy.

From the Pine Barrens to the Appalachian Trail to New Jersey’s hidden gems, there are plenty of great hiking options. Hiking is a great way to spend time outdoors and enjoy nature, as well as being a great workout.

Before you hit the trail and consider listener suggestions, here are some hiking etiquette tips from the American Hiking Association.

If you come across an uphill hiker on the descent, step aside and give the uphill hiker space. Hikers going uphill have priority unless they stop to catch their breath.

Always stay on the trail. Side roads may be visible unless marked as an official trail. Going off the trail can damage the ecosystem, plants, and wildlife that live there.

Also, you don’t want to disturb any wildlife you encounter. Keep your distance from wildlife and keep hiking.

Bicycles should give way to hikers and horses. Hikers should bow to horses too, but you never know how many horses you’ll run into on New Jersey’s trails.

If you’re thinking of taking your dog on a hike, put it on a leash and clean up all of your pet’s waste.

Finally, watch the weather. If the trail is muddy, we recommend reserving the hike for another day.

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