New Jersey Foreclosure Rescue Helps New Jersey Homeowners Save Their Homes

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Launched in 2021, NJ Foreclosure Rescue is a company that helps homeowners and businesses avoid foreclosures in New Jersey.

We know how frustrating this situation can be because it can be stressful, which is why NJ Foreclosure Rescue wants a timely resolution with minimal hassle. ”

— NJ Foreclosure Relief Representative

MONTCLAIR, N.J., USA, Aug. 16, 2022 / — NJ Foreclosure Rescue, a mortgage relief assistance firm located in Montclair, N.J., recently helped New Jersey’s growing foreclosure crisis. For this reason, we have launched our own website. The company’s mission is to educate homeowners about the foreclosure process, help them consider all options, and help secure the financial and legal assistance they need to avoid a foreclosure in New Jersey. is to

A representative of NJ Foreclosure Rescue said, “The mission of New Jersey Foreclosure Rescue is to save as many New Jersey homes from foreclosure as possible. No need to lose your home due to temporary financial hardship. Homeowners There are so many options available to people to save their homes.”

Resources listed on their website include “How to Avoid Foreclosure in New Jersey”, “Foreclosure Options in New Jersey”, “Legal Entitlements to Foreclosure in New Jersey”, COVID-19 Foreclosure Information, and FAQs. We also publish a regular foreclosure news blog to keep you up-to-date on eviction laws, foreclosure regulations, and other related topics.

“We know how uncomfortable this situation has become because of all the stress that comes with it. We want a minimal and timely solution, no matter what route we take,” said a representative for NJ Foreclosure Rescue. “Our aim is to connect homeowners with the right foreclosure professionals who understand their market, all the rules and regulations, and empathize with their unique situation.”

NJ Foreclosure Rescue is based in Montclair, New Jersey, but serves multiple New Jersey counties, including Bergen, Middlesex, Essex, Ocean, and Passaic counties. To connect with a foreclosure expert, homeowners are encouraged to visit the company’s website at

About NJ Foreclosure Rescue
NJ Foreclosure Rescue exists to save New Jersey homeowners from foreclosure. That means explaining your pre-foreclosure options, helping you deal with your mortgage lender, or finding alternatives to foreclosure. The company is founded on the belief that homeowners’ investments in their homes are worth protecting no matter what. NJ Foreclosure Rescue represents New Jersey homeowners who are fighting to stay in their homes, standing up to the banks and mortgage companies that have their valuable investments in hand. Their goal is to help homeowners stop foreclosures before they start, but they work with homeowners every step of the way.

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