New Jersey has reported 1,546 COVID cases, five deaths, and seven counties remain in the high-risk category.

New Jersey health officials said Sunday there were 1,546 more confirmed COVID-19 cases and five new confirmed cases, as seven counties remained in the high-risk category of infection, as reported by the CDC. reported death.

The counties are Cape May, Atlantic, Camden, Burlington, Monmouth, Essex and Middlesex.

With the exception of Hudson County, which is considered a “low” risk, the rest of the counties are considered “medium” risk, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Sunday.

The seven-day average of confirmed positive tests fell to 1,806 on Sunday, down 16% from a week ago and 36% from a month ago.

New Jersey’s infection rate on Sunday was 0.87. At the beginning of the month his rate was 1.01.

A transmission rate less than 1 indicates that each new case leads to less than one additional case. An infection rate of 1 means that the number of infected people has plateaued at the current number. A value above 1 means the outbreak is expanding.

As of Sunday, 68 of the state’s 71 hospitals had reported 945 confirmed or suspected coronavirus cases. Of the hospitalized patients, 109 are in intensive care units and 36 are on ventilators.

The statewide positive rate for tests conducted on Wednesday (the most recent day for which data are available) was 11.26%.

The CDC considers a positivity rate of over 10% to be “high.” However, the positive rate is significantly lower than the peak of 40.83% he on January 1, which is the peak of the Omicron variety.

total number

New Jersey has reported a total of 2.26 million COVID-19 cases since the first known case was reported on March 4, 2020.

Garden State also recorded 395,118 positive antigen or rapid tests, which are considered probable. And there are many cases that likely didn’t count, including positive tests at home that weren’t included in the state count.

The state, home to 9.2 million residents, has reported 34,461 COVID-19 deaths, with 31,362 confirmed and 3,099 probable deaths.

New Jersey had the highest number of coronavirus deaths per capita in the U.S. as of Tuesday, behind Mississippi, Arizona, Oklahoma, Alabama, West Virginia, Tennessee, New Mexico and Arkansas. 9th most common. Last summer, the state had the highest number of deaths per capita in the nation.

vaccination number

More than 7 million people who work, live or study in the Garden State are fully vaccinated.

More than 7.89 million people have been vaccinated for the first time since vaccination began in the state on December 15, 2020.

More than 4.23 million people in eligible states received boosters. Regulators have suspended plans to allow adults under the age of 50 to get her second booster this summer. Instead, they hope to refine the vaccine to target emerging subspecies by the fall.

long-term care number

At least 9,509 of the state’s COVID-19 deaths were among residents and staff of nursing homes and other long-term care facilities, according to state data on Sunday.

Of the 393 facilities with active outbreaks, current cases are 6,082 residents and 6,255 staff as of the latest data.

global number

As of Sunday, more than 595 million COVID-19 cases have been reported worldwide, according to the Johns Hopkins University coronavirus database.

Data show that the virus has killed more than 6.4 million people.

The United States has reported the most cumulative COVID-19 cases (over 93.6 million) and deaths (at least 1.04 million) of any country.

More than 12 billion doses of vaccines have been administered worldwide.

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