New Jersey lawmakers say new COVID disinfection rules are completely insane

When the pandemic first started in 2020, there was concern that COVID could be transmitted through contact.

While many Garden State residents were constantly sanitizing their hands and wiping down their supermarket purchases, the New Jersey legislature passed bills S2479 and A4131, which establish sanitizing guidelines for hotels and motels, and clean room surfaces. Cleaned and disinfected sheets. Change and wash daily.

We know that COVID is primarily transmitted through the air, not through contact, but disinfection guidelines are being finalized and about to be adopted, outraging lawmakers in New Jersey.

According to Republican Monmouth Senator Declan Oscanlon, “The situation is very strange because everything is wrong.”

The government now meticulously controls how hotel rooms are cleaned, requiring new towels, sheets and pillowcases to be used and disinfected daily.

“I don’t want other people in there, even if they’re in my room, and I don’t want other people in there to be exposed to breathing COVID, so I need them inside.” He said.

“We are going to expose more people to COVID as we expose our employees to (hotel) residents and vice versa every day.”

Oscanlon said the new sanitizing requirements that require all sheets to be washed and sanitized daily are ridiculous.

“No one changes their sheets every day. What the hell happens when you sleep in the same sheets? You are infecting yourself with COVID.

A housewife’s hand changing sheets at a hotel.

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hotel expenses

O’Scanlon said this could force hotels to hire more workers and spend more money on laundry. There is also an environmental impact from extra washing, drying and cleaning.

He said it was understandable to clean the rooms and wash the sheets when guests checked out and new guests came in, but forced the cleaning staff to go to every room all the time, and every day everything was fine. It makes no sense to touch the surface of the . Spread germs.

He said he is currently drafting legislation to prevent this from becoming law.

According to the New Jersey Department of Health, if a guest does not want hotel staff to enter their room for disinfection and to meet daily linen/towel change requirements, sanitizer, cleaning supplies, and sufficient linens and towels will be provided. can be requested to be replaced by yourself.

The guidance stipulates that hotel staff should be available for questions and requests for assistance when using this option.

David Matthau is a reporter for the New Jersey 101.5. You can reach him at [email protected]

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