New Jersey ‘one-handed seamstress’ transforms Arb’s paralysis disability into psychic powers

Trenton, NJ — Qaysean Williams, an up-and-coming fashion designer from New Jersey, overcame the challenges of disability by turning it into a superpower.

From a very young age, Kayshawn, who suffered a nerve injury at birth that left his left arm permanently paralyzed, knew he was different.

“I really started to realize that I was different when I was with other people, especially my children. I think it’s because I didn’t have anything to do with it,” said Kayshaun Williams, fashion designer and founder of ManikinMob, LLC.

Despite being bullied throughout her childhood and adolescence, Kasian rediscovered the self-love she long sought through fashion.

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Over the years, Qaysean has established himself for his exquisite designs and ability to cut and sew gowns, tuxedos, and accessories of all kinds with just one hand.

“My fashion aesthetic is what I call a ‘streetwear fantasy’. Because I come from an urban urban community, so I am conscious of streetwear. So whenever I create my clothes, I always keep the streetwear aspect of something in mind. You can actually wear it on the street, but it has charm and illusion.

As Qaysean continues to establish himself in the fashion world, he showcases his work by designing clothing for entertainers and exhibiting at trade shows and even New York Fashion Week.

By changing his mindset and embracing his unique talents, Qaysean has proven that no obstacle can ever stop him from achieving his goal of working with home fashion designers.

“If you have something that stands out, it means you are special. God loves you more. So hey, just love yourself.”


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