New Jersey’s best food by Chris Gethard

These days, Chris Gethard is effectively a media brand in his own right.A very original former host Chris Gethard Shaw, He is also a stand-up comic (currently holding a residency in Edinburgh, Scotland until August 28th) and is a very nice and human being. beautiful/anonymous Podcast, and also a hilarious and wonderful host new jersey is the world podcast.

As the last title suggests, Gethard is essentially Jersey, class action park He documents the infamous Vernon theme park and shows unquestionable loyalty to his roots in Essex County whenever he gets the chance. That’s why he was dying to talk to him for this article, which is all about New Jersey food.

But let’s be honest, the deck has always been piling up for Orange — Newark, Montclair, and other points in North Jersey where I lived for over 20 years before defecting to South Jersey in 2020. I was. , Burlington County. The truth is, as Gethard’s recommendations (and my co-signatures) reveal, the northern half of the state is unbeatable when it comes to pizza, hot dogs, ice cream, and diners.

This chat not only made me homesick, it made me hungry. Between Philadelphia and New York City, if you’re craving something to eat, head north up the Parkway to the Gethard District for these great restaurants. Please check all

upon 3 Questions for Andy RichterI think you said that in your high school people spoke 40 different languages ​​and that growing up in West Orange, New Jersey was a melting pot of cultures.

I think growing up where I grew up meant that I had little hesitation in jumping in and eating things I hadn’t come across before. It’s like being all here and having Italian friends and Jewish friends and having Hispanic friends and Haitian friends and Black friends. And at my school, I was around different types of people. I mean, I’m eating in people’s homes, and I’m walking through neighborhoods that have restaurants that serve different types of communities. I don’t know if it was a melting pot, but it was just a lot of different cultures colliding, and I’m really glad I grew up that way.

Have you ever worked in a restaurant?

No, I knew from the beginning that trying to work in a restaurant would be a disaster because I have anxiety issues. I’ve never done anything like that because I’ve seen too many people get mad at ya waitresses over the years. In high school all my friends got jobs at the same his Applebee’s in Livingston Mall and seemed to have a lot of fun hanging out. Part of me was tempted, but I just had someone at the mall yelling at me that I didn’t get the onion tower I smothered in Jack Daniels in time. I know I’m just in. I can’t stand it and I’m crying behind my back.

The Man Who Worked At Applebee’s Looked Like Sideshow Bob simpsons.

You most likely went to high school with this person you are describing. I wouldn’t be shocked if it was a West Orange High School alumnus.

I have been in South Jersey for 2 years and the food does not compare to North Jersey food. why do you think that is?

I love South Jersey, but I haven’t spent that much time there. In general, I think South Jersey is a little more expansive and a little more rural. In Northern Jersey, I grew up in a neighborhood on the border of West Orange and Orange. There, he grew up near Jimmy Buff, the inventor of the Italian hot dog.

Then there’s Dickie Dee’s. Many other places do it well. Next we got the legendary Rutt’s Hut. Got all Texas Wiener stores near Paterson. There, you’ll find his three types of hot dogs, unique to New Jersey. It’s not a big state that he has three innovative takes on hot dogs. It’s pretty miraculous.

Everything is compact. There are many towns where you can eat world-class pizza. You can have a hot dog store that beats other hot dog stores. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. From bagels that blow the minds of Midwesterners.

I was recently introduced to Soft Drink Boost.

yes. It’s all over here. i don’t have it They sell it like a jug of moonshine.

It’s like a still cola mixed with lemon. But while it’s delicious as a slushy, it’s only popular in a handful of towns in Southern Jersey. That thing is delicious. I mean, the first time he drank it, it felt like he had four Red Bulls. But it tastes really good. Be careful when downplaying Boost’s potent power, but it’s South Jersey food and I can certainly give it a big thumbs up.

What restaurant do you often go to?

It’s a store that I’ve always been indebted to, but the store name has changed. Previously Versailles he was called Diner. 46 Fairfield. haven’t been in a while. But Versailles was a great diner I went to for years when my family lived in the area. West Essex?

West Essex. When I was growing up it was our breakfast spot every Sunday and then with friends and all things. That or The Tick Tock, Tick Tock gets a lot of love and I think that’s great, but I’ve never dined at a Tick Tock sober so…

There was a stretch of Clifton where Tick Tock was and then Park West was just up the road and another really great diner as you crossed from Route 3 to Route 46. It was the Six Brothers Diner. It must have been human proportions.

how about a pizzeria? what’s the best one?

I mean, there are a lot of pizzerias that I love, but I’m an Essex County guy and I’m from down the hills of West Orange, New Jersey. Star Tavern is truly a place to be proud of and never changes. They recently rebuilt it and remodeled it during the pandemic and they had an old phone booth in the back. I miss my phone booth, but the good news is that the pizza is as good as ever.

Elisabeth’s Santillo is an incredible experience. You walk down someone’s driveway and go through the side door of their house. The man is cooking pizza there. It’s absolutely incredible. I love Reservoir Tavern in Boonton. I think it’s a good place.

ice cream?

Oh that’s a really good question. There is a place in Morristown called Beanie’s. I was just there and had the honey lavender flavor. It was incredible. But then again, as an Essex County guy, I have to say that the whole of Essex County has a very layered relationship with Montclair. Growing up in Essex County, I held a lot of grudges against Montclair. But with that being said, the ice cream at his Applegate Farms in Montclair is delicious. And Graham he has a flavor called Central Station. No Grand Central Station pun needed. Call it graham cracker ice cream. But once you get past that, give it a try. Graham Central Station ice cream from his Applegate Farms in Montclair. It might be the most delicious ice cream I’ve ever eaten.

So I listened to the episode. jersey is the world A pod of mall food court fantasy drafts that I thought was great. do you want?

That’s a really good question. I mean, I don’t go to mall food courts much.

No, I mean like the old days.

As a man in my 40s, let me make sure my warnings are on record not to spend too much time eating at mall food courts. But Livingstone Mall was my go-to mall, but it was a smaller mall. And if we’re hanging out and you’re going to eat, head to Willowbrook, Wayne’s Willowbrook Mall had a pretty good food court. We had Arby’s and Nathan’s Panda Express and they had a lot of good stuff. And that mall also had an arcade, Fun and Games, so there were plenty of reasons to drive the extra few miles to get to Willowbrook Mall.

Willowbrook is good and I want to push it back. But I was a Rockaway Mall kid. Well you took me to the arcade. Rockaway’s arcade was on the other side of the mall next to the movie theater all the way. But then there was KB Toys. you had a footlocker I think Babbage was downstairs (because of video game shoplifting needs). They had teriyaki chicken sample guy but I don’t remember seeing sample guy at Willowbrook. And they had an orange Julius.

Listen, you won’t find me sneezing in Rockaway Mall. It’s very far from my house and I’ve still been there many times. . But Rockaway is no joke either. And I’m sure all the people in Paramus will take issue with us not mentioning them.

i don’t care about them I’m sticking with Rockaway. And I tell you, you win the battle here because the pet store was downstairs so you go see the puppies after you get the orange Julius. is. you can’t beat it.

yes. That means that there are some simple joys in life that are indisputable.

The most important question is what is the perfect Jersey Shore food?

Oh that’s a really good one. It’s a really good one. If we’re talking boardwalk food, you gotta get yourself a bucket of popcorn there. Get a nice glass of lemonade. I spoke with my friend Don Finelli when we were doing an episode of food. new jersey is the world, and he and I both have great memories. If you’re at the beach, one of the classic things to do is get a meatball sub the night before, put it in a cooler with ice, and eat it chilled on the beach. . Go to the boardwalk too and you’ll get a slice of pizza wider than your face. You get a sausage and pepper sandwich. Maybe you get some Zeppol. They are boardwalk classics.

I’ve been going to Asbury Park a lot since it was recently revived. We have a show there every month. There are places like Tallulah that serve the same pizzas and tortas. Mutiny BBQ is there. When it comes to food, there’s a lot going on at Shore. It’s truly a parade of delights when it comes to food options on the Jersey Shore these days.

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