New Jersey’s Ultimate Foodie Destination

Most of us in New Jersey consider ourselves foodies in some way.We live in restaurant country and most of them are great. Therefore, we have some expertise in this area.

Photo credit: Gabriel Domingues Leão da Costa

Photo credit: Gabriel Domingues Leão da Costa

With so many incredible options, it’s easy to try something new every time you eat out. I’m sure you’re willing to travel a bit to go on your next adventure.

If you’re a foodie and want to add to the list of great Garden State restaurants you’ve tried, you’ll want to check out the restaurants in New Jersey that were recently voted “best foodie destinations” across the state.

Photo by Nils Stahl on Unsplash

Photo by Nils Stahl on Unsplash

The honor was given by Eat This, Not That. They’ve revealed what they think are the best foodie destination restaurants in every state.

That honor belongs to a great Italian restaurant in Jersey City. Been to Batello? If not, you better get your foodie self there ASAP.

This is an amazing place, one of the best you can imagine. Located on the Hudson River, it offers breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline.

Let’s talk a little bit about food. This contemporary Italian restaurant has put together one of the most delicious and unique menus in the entire state.

If you are in the area, please come early. If you’re not nearby, this is a road trip worth it. Congrats to Jersey City’s Batello, New Jersey’s premier foodie destination.

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