New law could make New York a leader in sustainable fashion

New Standard Institute founder Maxine Bédat explained on a conference call earlier this week: “It’s not a framework for success. By making these regulations the foundation of how we do business, all businesses must comply and all businesses must do the right thing. You can show leadership in other ways as well.”

After decades of little government oversight, will these requirements baffle executives and designers? But Beda explained that the bill is inherently good for business in that it provides a level playing field. Stella McCartney was the first designer to back the act, and many of her colleagues have spoken of the need for better regulation and incentives. , we expect the industry to join us in this,” Bédat said.

The bill is being introduced in New York state, but due to New York City’s huge market size, virtually all brands around the world are required to comply. Beda compared the deployment to fuel efficiency standards California passed years ago. This set off a chain reaction for automakers around the world, boosting opportunities for electric car companies like Tesla. “Like fashion, Tesla is sexy and futuristic, so it’s a really fitting parallel,” Beda adds. “We need to make sure we’re creating the clothes of the future and the business model of the future. We’re not just talking about it.”

Similarly, it was last March that McCartney pointed out the UK’s 2030 ban on fossil fuel cars, arguing that it would accelerate the country’s transition to electric vehicles and green energy. What it claims would be to introduce tax incentives to encourage brands to use synthetic leather. Today, these materials are often subject to higher import duties than animal skins. “We need a policy change. It’s not just about physical products, it’s about working with people who can protect this for the future,” she said.

Legislation could take years, but Bédat hopes the bill will be passed by the end of the 2022 legislative session in June. The campaign starts today. Over the next six months, we’ll see which brands and industry players are providing support. “We always talk about innovation in fashion,” she says.

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