New law requires Westchester landlords to notify potential tenants of flood risk

New legislation requires Westchester property owners to provide potential tenants with a property flood history disclosure form before the transaction is completed.

This document tells landlords whether the property is in a special flood risk area, whether it has flooded in the last 10 years, how high the water level has reached, and what steps have been taken to mitigate flood risk. Efforts, etc., are asking to describe the flood.

“It’s a simple form that can solve a complex headache for tenants. As the clich√© says, knowledge is power. Giving future tenants more information protects their property.” and can save lives when predictions strike.

Several communities in the county, including Mount Vernon, parts of Yonkers, and areas along the Sound Shore, have a long history of dealing with the severe effects of flooding following major storms.

“Especially if someone [doesn’t] Knowing the area, we don’t yet know where flooding is likely,” said Hope Cher, who rents an apartment in Yonkers.

County lawmakers say the law is important. This is because prospective tenants, especially if they are not from the area, are unaware that the property is likely to be flooded.

However, many landlords see this as an additional burden.

Howie Ravikoff, vice president of Ravikoff Property Management Company, says there are good intentions behind the law, but renters are responsible for conducting an investigation.

“If tenants are worried about flooding being an issue in a potential apartment they’re considering, it should be their responsibility. Take this off the shoulders of the landlord,” Ravikoff said. rice field.

The law, which covers both residential and commercial real estate, came into effect today, August 15th. A form is available here.

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