New Poultry Science Faculty Focuses on Gut Health Research

Danielle Graham joined the Poultry Science Department as an Assistant Professor on July 1st.

Jessica Wesson

Danielle Graham joined the Poultry Science Department as an Assistant Professor on July 1st.

Gut health is a major concern in the poultry industry to mitigate disease and avoid drug resistance.

Danielle Graham will join the Center for Poultry Science and the Division of Poultry Science on July 1 as an Assistant Professor, where her research will focus on poultry gut health.

“There is an urgent need for research to identify ways to prevent disease and improve gut health and welfare in poultry,” Graham said. A commercially applicable tool to enhance immune protection and reduce pathogen transmission and invasion, utilizing a knowledge base focused on helminthic diseases and established models of direct attack or horizontal (horizontal) transmission is to investigate.”

Graham will conduct research for the Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station, a research arm of the U of A System Division of Agriculture. Her specialty is poultry parasitology.

“I work to optimize gut health to prevent [intestinal] Mr Graham said: “Classrooms and labs will incorporate relevant industry perspectives and new research findings into projects and courses.”

“Our faculty-led research program in the field of gut and intestinal health has been very productive over the years and has been well received by our colleagues in the commercial industry,” said the Poultry Science Division Responsibility. Director of the Center, David Caldwell, said: Excellence in poultry science. “We hope that Dr. Graham’s program will allow us to further expand our existing programs and increase their relevance in this important area for industry stakeholders.”

Graham is not A’s new student. He will complete his PhD in Poultry Science in 2021 — all from A University.

“I am thrilled to join the poultry science department faculty,” said Graham. “This is not only my dream job, but also an institution that I dearly hold dear: for collaboration, mentoring and mentoring of students, and the pursuit of industry-applicable research related to poultry gut health. We are excited about the new opportunities in Physics and Parasitology.”

Graham begins conducting in vitro and/or in vivo Studies on various parasites, including Histomonas meleagridis, Eimeria seed.When Enterococcus secorum.

“We plan to expand our molecular toolbox to identify genetic polymorphisms associated with drug resistance. Eimeria spp.,” Graham said.

Graham served as a Program Associate in the U of A System Division of Agriculture from August 2018 to June 2022. She assisted with research, student and technician management/teaching, and administrative duties. She currently serves as President of the Southern Conference of Avian Diseases and is a member of the World Poultry Science Association and the Poultry Science Society.

Starting in the fall, Graham will also teach classes through the Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences.

“In addition to her contribution to our research mission, we also expect Daniel to make an influential contribution to the education and outreach programs here at the Research Center for Poultry Science. I am thrilled to be participating,” Caldwell said.

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