New state law requires all summer camps to check whether workers are on the federal sex offender registry

The summer season may be drawing to a close, but state and local leaders hit a big milestone tonight when it comes to keeping kids safe at camp.

New state law requires all detention centers to check whether employees are on the federal sex offender registry.

Prior to the law, certain camps, such as those focused on sports and theater, were not required to conduct background checks.

State Senator Elijah Reichlin Melnick of Rockland County and Rep. Amy Pauline of Westchester sponsored the legislation.

They spoke about it on Tuesday at Deerkill Camp in Wesley Hills, Rockland County.

“Regardless of which camp your child goes to, make sure they are screened and that camp employees are screened to make sure they are not at risk of harming your child. must be able to be confident of

“This ensures that parents are safe when they leave their most valuable commodity, the most valuable part of themselves, in another place,” Pauline said. ‘ said.

The law will come into force in 2023.

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