‘New World Order’ conspiracy theory won’t save Vancouver home from foreclosure, judge rule

When Karen Wai King Lew told a BC judge that she had been completely forgiven of her mortgage debt, she cited a 20-year-old conspiracy theory about the recently resurfaced “New World Order.”

According to a recent BC Supreme Court ruling, Lew decided that Vancouver would be relocated based on what was called NESARA/GESARA to be enacted and all credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt would be wiped out in a “Jubilee.” I appealed the foreclosure order of my house. forgiveness.

Judge Sharon Matthews said, “She developed it into a pending New World Order (NESARA) with U.S. roots, but a global movement (GESARA) to which many countries, including Canada, have signed. I did,’ he explained. wrote in her July 12 decision.

“She argued that that would include the resignation of world leaders, new gold-backed currencies, and a more harmonious and peaceful world in which the enslaving nature of debt would be abolished.

Proponents of this theory claim that the National Economic and Security Reform Act, NESARA, was secretly passed by the US Congress in 2000 and will be announced on September 11, 2001. The theory is that all evidence was destroyed when the world cabal existed. The leaders arranged an attack on the World Trade Center in New York.

GESARA, the Global Economic and Security Reform Act, is perhaps the global version of the law.

Of course, none of that was true, and Lew’s allegations had no effect in court.

“I do not acknowledge that NESARA/GESARA is part of the legal situation in Canada. ” Matthews wrote.

A judge upheld an order to sell Lou’s house to the Bank of Montreal and ordered her to pay the bank and a second mortgagee.

‘Illuminati’ accused of cover-up

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, false legal theories based on fanciful interpretations of the law have been revived, like the first BC Court ruling in the publicly posted NESARA/GESARA debate. is.

NESARA was the actual proposal for a bill created by an American man named Harvey F. Barnard. Draining the Swamps: Monetary and Fiscal Policy Reform.

People like Lew argue that NESARA has been in law for over 20 years and then GESARA was implemented internationally.

According to gesara.news, the website Lew relied on to make his case in court, former U.S. President Bill Clinton signed NESARA into law at gunpoint, but he said “the Illuminati were to blame.” and this law will not be enforced.”

It further said that the September 11 attacks destroyed all computers and data associated with a trillion-dollar “property fund” that was supposed to be returned to debtors across the country. Since then, every civil servant, police, judge, journalist, and anyone else who knows about his NESARA has been subject to a gag order to prevent exposing the existence of this supposed new order. There is an advanced theory that

Although not mentioned in the court ruling, self-proclaimed “Queen of Canada” and BC-based QAnon conspiracy theory influencer Romana Didulo said on Telegram that she is rolling out NESARA/GESARA in Canada. Announced.

A Google Street View image shows a two-story beige house with greenish glass in the windows and fallen leaves on a neatly-mowed front lawn.
The Bank of Montreal has been cleared to sell Karen Lu’s $1.7 million property at 2716 Waverley Avenue in Vancouver. (Google Map)

Lew, who represented herself in court, claimed that her mortgage balance was zero as of Feb. 8 because of NESARA/GESARA, the ruling said. However, she did not present any evidence of that in court, nor was there any evidence that NESARA or GESARA had actually been implemented in Canada or BC.

Lew’s home at 2716 Waverley Ave. is valued at $1.7 million in 2022, according to BC Assessment. She purchased her in 1998 for just her $401,000.

A foreclosure order was issued by B.C. Supreme Court Chief Justice Kimberly Robertson this spring after a $209,721.51 bank mortgage debt expired, according to the ruling.

Lew alleges on appeal that Robertson was biased when he ordered the foreclosure, other than claiming the mortgage debt was forgiven.

“She knew that her law firm’s foreclosure business would end when all mortgages and other debts were forgiven, so she filed that Master Robertson became the master.

Matthews decided that the claim was “without merit.”

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