New York City has a heat stroke warning in place through Monday night.Possible storm

UPDATE: As the heat index approaches 100, New York City has a heat advisory in place until 8pm Monday.

now: The first weekend in August is hot and humid with temperatures in the 90s on Sunday and Monday.

Next: Showers and storms are expected this afternoon, but are not expected to be severe at this time. Heavy rains pose a threat of localized flooding in areas with poor drainage. A chance of showers and a thunderstorm through Wednesday.

Stormwatch meteorologist Hope Osemwenkae expects a very warm and muggy day, with highs in the mid to high 80s. Today the temperature may feel like he’s in the high to mid 90s. Storms are possible this afternoon and evening.

New: Hot and humid conditions return next week, with highs in the 90s. Active weather patterns call for possible storms next week through Wednesday.

today: A warm and muggy day with partly sunny weather is expected. It can be stormed or missed. The highest temperature is around 87 degrees.Thunderstorms possible from 3 PM to 7 PM

tonight: Evenings should be mostly cloudy and humid, with lows near 74 degrees.

Sunday: A sunny and muggy day is expected, with a small chance of a sudden storm. The high is near 90 degrees and the low he expects to be near 76 degrees.

Monday: Weekdays are mostly sunny, hot and humid with a chance of thunderstorms.The maximum temperature is expected to be around 91 degrees, and the minimum temperature is expected to be around 76 degrees.

Tuesday: Be prepared for sunny, very warm and muggy days. Storms are possible in the evening. Highs are expected to be close to 89°C and lows to be close to 74°C.

Wednesday: The day should be full of sun, clouds and moisture with the possibility of strong storms. Highs are expected to be close to 86°C and lows to be close to 71°C.

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