New York Fashion Week kicks off with Men’s Day and Collina Strada’s Chic Cemetery

men’s day in new york

In 2013, menswear significantly outsold womenswear in the US market. The men’s apparel category increased 4.8%, while women’s apparel increased 4.5%. Skip to 2022. Menswear sales are basically spectacular. “The business is very strong in men’s. It’s the strongest I’ve seen in my career,” Mitchell’s store co-CEO Bob Mitchell told WWD in April.

When the odds of making a profit are this high, certain powwows are hard to miss. That certainly seemed to be the case at New York Men’s Day on Friday, the biannual presentation of fledgling menswear and genderless brands designed to provide a vital platform for unknown creatives. .

At NYMD 2022, Amirok (menswear), Atelier Cillian (menswear), A.Potts (genderless), Fried Rice (genderless), Holo Market (menswear), Nicholas Raefski (menswear), Nobis (menswear) ), a total of 11 designers were featured. , Teddy Von Lanson (menswear), Terry Singh (menswear), Todd Patrick (menswear), SO.TY (genderfluid).

Atelier Cillian showed off a gold-flecked Greek-inspired suit with a pop of tweed, clearly reminiscent of Chanel.

Photo by Kelly Caminero/Daily Beast

Teddy Vonranson, A.Potts, and Holo Market all channeled the enchanting, desert-like energy of Rachel Comey to the West. Everything these designers showed looked fun, comfortable, and easy to wear: Potts’ use of neon and fringe added a welcome alien element, Bon Lanson’s scruffy sand-colored trenches Her coat gave me the strong vibe of The Her Raw.

Nobis, a Canadian luxury outerwear company, stood out early Friday morning. Beauty is a requirement for a model, but the male model Nobis tapped was strikingly, arrogantly super handsome in a way that added significant context to the outfit. These are his elegant puffer coats. , a smart shell jacket and sturdy looking pants for the sassy, ​​fresh sportsman in his late 20s to his early 30s.

Terry Singh was also a highlight of the morning. When I saw Shin’s model, Prince of Prep’s Thom Browne immediately came to mind. Almost all models wore ankle-length pleated A-line skirts with tank tops, suit jackets, or bow ties. But there’s something refreshing and soft about the pale blues the designer has mixed into his palette and the floating drapes that make the outfit look loose rather than rustic.

In the afternoon, Fried Rice blew the competition away with a fun and bright presentation. The model danced down the runway to Rihanna in deconstructed overalls and camouflage her suit, making it as easy to come by as the soundtrack.

Todd Patrick hit the tangerine J Crew vibe with gelato separates, while SO.TY’s monochromatic green outfit consisted of strategically ripped tanks and dramatic bell-bottoms.

Amilok showed a minimal, beachy cardigan and shorts that appeared to be made out of an all black terry fabric. yes.

Alexi J. Rosenfeld/Getty Images

Nicholas Lafsky poses as a model on a Jet Age set that looks like it was pulled straight out of a TWA Hotel lobby, complete with red and gray colorblock suits, fictional Lunar High School letterman jackets, and funky robot designs. At the center of it all was Flavor Flav, circuit board humming it for the cameras with his patterned shorts and bomber jacket combination. His signature giant clock hangs from his neck. Helen Holmes

Corina Strada

Everything that sparkles sparkles at the Colina Strada show on Friday. Pantomime butterflies flutter under the setting sun, surrounded by wildflowers in Williamsburg’s Navy Cemetery landscape. That’s right, the label’s ultra-feminine, punk-inspired aesthetic showcased a range of chiffon gowns and deconstructed shirts. It was a funky, frilly feast for the eyes. Sarah Sears

Photo by Kelly Caminero/Daily Beast

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