New York man who took baby, Ansonia’s mother arraigned, may face more charges

A New York man charged with kidnapping a young daughter and her mother in Ansonia was arraigned in Derby Superior Court on Monday, with bail set at $50,000.

Joshua Lopez, 23, appeared before a judge on charges of violating a protection order and disturbing the peace, but prosecutors said more charges could be brought forward as the Ansonia police investigation continues. Police were summoned to High Street around 5:30 p.m. Saturday in a possible kidnapping.

“The co-pilot on site met with the complainant who reported that his sister and 6-month-old niece had been removed from the area by her sister and niece’s boyfriend and father,” Lt. Patrick Lynch said. Lynch told News 12 that women and children were visiting from New York.

According to court documents, they were at a family party when Lopez showed up, demanded his daughter and threatened those in attendance. Witnesses described him as “verbally combative” and “angry.” Police reports said people told Lopez he couldn’t take his daughter and brought up a protection order barring him from contacting his mother, a pending third-degree assault in New York. Issued in connection with the incident.

When told to leave, Lopez said, “Oh, you guys want to act like that, but look what I’m going to do,” and goes to the trunk of the car and grabs something. At the time, most of the family returned home thinking he had a gun because “he was known to be very violent,” reports said.

Police said Lopez forced a woman holding a baby into the car and took off.

Police soon posted about the incident on social media, including photos and a description of the car Lopez was driving. Shelton police found and took Lopez into custody around 7 p.m. Women and children were not with him at the time.

“Both were safe. They contacted another family who came to pick them up,” Lynch said.

In court on Monday, a judge issued a new protective order banning contact with children as well as women. rice field.

The judge said the protection order could be amended in the future, but for now, Lopez won’t see his child or his mother.

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