Newark businesses, residents deal with water outages after water main breaks

Newark businesses and homeowners were scrambled Tuesday morning following the massive water main break that affected the city.

The water main burst was in Belleville and affected over 100,000 Newark residents. Boiling water advisories are in effect for parts of Newark and Belleville.

This issue has greatly affected some of Newark’s restaurant owners.

“We had to stop cooking, we had to stop making juices,” says Jose Vargas of Taino’s Kitchen.

The restaurant employees had to stop preparing new ones, even though they were serving food that had already been cooked. I even had to think about whether I should.

“We’re working with what we’ve got. If anything, we may have to close early,” says Vargas.

Down the street of the Divino Estilio Beauty Salon, the water was flowing cleanly. Arelis Checo was able to style her hair as usual.

“Looks good. Nothing happened here,” says Checo.

Some of the people living in the neighborhood are seriously tackling water problems. Linda, who lives in her terrace apartment in Forest Hill, says this isn’t the first time the water has turned brown in Newark.

“I mean, today is worse than any other day, but this is an almost monthly problem,” she says.

Linda says she is waiting for her mother at her mother’s house in Belleville.

“Now I can’t cook. I can’t use the bath. I can’t eat, so I have to go,” she says.

Newark Mayor Russ Baraka said the crew is working to make repairs and restore all water service.

Anyone needing bottled water please call 973-733-3274.

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