Newark Peace Walk aims to address surge in violent crime

Newark’s Violence Prevention and Trauma Recovery Service held a Peace Walk event on Saturday with the city’s Peace Collective in response to the recent surge in violent crime.

“Newark’s advance minus the violence equals our future” was the theme of the 13-mile walk across all five boroughs.

“Violence scars and paralyzes people,” Mayor Ras J. Baraka said.

Residents also took part in the walk, and even business owners were asked to close for the day.

“Violence has skyrocketed this summer. We have to deal with it, we have to challenge it, and that’s what we’re doing,” Baraka said. heatwaves, and other factors contributed to the increase in violence, he added.

In July alone, Newark was the city with the highest number of gun recoveries, according to state statistics. Robberies and car thefts have also increased this year.

The city’s Office of Violence Prevention and Trauma Recovery is one of the driving forces behind the city’s peace efforts.

“Before, it was business as usual. So now we go to areas where violence occurs. “It was a disaster,” said Keisha Yule, director of the Violence Prevention and Trauma Recovery Service.

“Kids are growing up. I grew up around here. You want someone to grow up a little better than what you had,” said Lifetime resident Daniel Myers.

The walk ended with an event at Newark’s West Side High School.

The event was all part of the city’s first Peace Week, which begins on Monday. It is his annual 24-hour peace event, ending with a day of remembrance in West Side Park.

Peace Week in Newark continues through next Sunday.

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