News anchor Julie Chin shares health update after experiencing ‘beginning of stroke’ on live TV – Deadline

Oklahoma news anchor Julie Chin, who suffered a stroke during a live broadcast, opens up about a tense moment.Journalist on show today The show co-hosts Hoda Cott and Savannah Guthrie caught up with Chin four days after the incident.

“I feel great. I am very grateful,” Ching said during a video conference.

Doctors are conducting more tests to determine what exactly happened, Chin said, but the initial assessment was that “it was the beginning of a stroke.”

Oklahoma NBC Affiliate News Anchor Julie Chin suffers ‘beginning of stroke’ on live broadcast

“They think maybe my body corrected along the way, so I didn’t have a full stroke, but that’s what they’re saying now.

Chin explained that she had no family history of stroke and believed she could “cope with the stress”, adding that she “slept soundly” the morning the incident happened.

After a terrifying moment, Chin thanked his colleagues for taking action to help. Chin also had an important message that people could learn about health.

“When it comes to medical care, if you think you need help, if something really isn’t right, don’t be afraid to ask for help,” she said. [the stroke] And it wasn’t for the best. ”

Chin said of the viral video, “It may not be my proudest moment as a professional, but people have been so kind, cheering me on and praying for me and our family, I couldn’t be happier.” I am grateful,” he said.

Watch the full interview below.

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