News from the New York Department of Health, Sonoko and more

Shredders, incinerators and other equipment Sale After Foreclosure Aemerge RedPaks A medical waste disposal facility in California.

Amazon release In its 2021 sustainability report, the United States will replace nearly 70% of mixed-material bubble mailers with recyclable paper-padded mailers, increase recycled content in plastic film bags from 25% to 50%, and reduce plastic-padded mailers. It notes that it has increased the recycled content in its bags from 15% to 15%. 40% or more.

of National Waste Recycling Association (NWRA) announced The 2022 Recycling Award winners will be recognized at NWRA’s Executive Leadership Roundtable event in October.

of new york health department teeth Expanding organic collection.

Environmental Assistance and Customer Service Department of North Carolina recycling program launch An updated version of the interactive North Carolina Recycling Market Directory that includes a mapping feature.

of North American Solid Waste Association (swana) announced Annual Professional Achievement Award Winner: Robert L. Lawrence Lifetime Achievement Award winner Kathy Morris. James R. Miller, receiving his Professional Achievement Award from SWANA. Murray Griffin, winner of SWANA’s Life Member Award.

Sonoco release The company’s 2021-22 Corporate Sustainability Report highlights how the $1.35 million purchase of Ball Metalpack improved packaging sustainability and recycling.

French utility company Veolia sell Suez Paying UK Waste Unit $2.4 Billion After Antitrust Authority Raises Competition Concerns

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