NextGen Founder Julia Wang Launches Real Estate Revolution

In a time when the real estate market couldn’t be more crazy, nextgen real estate Founder and broker Julia Wang is just getting started.based in houston intermediaryBased on creativity, reliability and innovation, we are focused on anticipating tomorrow’s real estate needs by leveraging all aspects of technology, especially online and social media platforms. This is how they prepare for #nexgentakeover.

Get to know Julia Wang, the dynamite founder and broker behind the big companies.

A native of Dallas, Wang attended the University of Texas at Austin. After his graduation, he pursued a career in corporate America, working in his digital marketing for Dell and his LifeSize. Wang brings her online marketing knowledge—something she claims has helped her immensely in her company and given her a great competitive edge—to these roles and the direct marketing they provided to her. is attributed to the experience of

Additionally, Real Estate and Entrepreneurship is family run. Her husband is a tech entrepreneur who has launched four different successful businesses. Her father was a real estate broker. He always dreamed of his daughter joining the business.

“my father I passed away when I was in my mid-twenties, and I like to think he’s fulfilling one of the dreams he had for me,” says Wang..

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Wang’s father was a real estate broker. He always dreamed of his daughter joining the business.

Julia Wang first entered the real estate scene when she and her husband bought and sold real estate for personal/investment purposes. Ms. Wang quit her job as a broker and decided to get her license. She got her license to a broker who helped King and her husband find their first Houston apartment. The rest, as they say, is history. She closed her 28 lease in her first month and left for the race.

“When I discovered that real estate was my passion, I was fed up with big corporate real estate brokers with a lot of rules and formalities,” says Wang.. “These brokers forget that real estate agents are 1099 contractors and not W2 employees. I was tired of receiving a lot of commission (hard earned money) from these brokers.

“In 2020, I started to become a little disillusioned with real estate and realized I needed to quit or start my own brokerage business.”

Thus, NextGen was born.

“I refuse to live my life unhappy and calm,” says Wang. “I promised myself a long time ago that I wouldn’t be like 99% of people.”

In pursuit of happiness, Wang founded a brokerage firm that quickly became successful. The original goal was for him to have 20-30 agents, but in just a year and a half he has grown to have his 150 agents spread across three cities.

“The biggest lesson I learned through this journey is that you really need to trust and delegate to grow,” says Wang.. “I have always been very obsessive and a control freak when it comes to my job. “

The company’s rapid and blazing success may have left it struggling to grow, but Wang continues to #nextgentakeover. This year, Wang was ranked #1 real estate agent in Houston and Texas and #5 nationally on social media.

NextGen refused to maintain the status quo or maintain the status quo for too long and even launched a “LUXE” division. This attracts buyers, sellers and developers of various luxury goods.

NextGen also launched a “LUXE” division, which is attracting buyers, sellers and developers of various luxury goods.

“The luxury demographic is not what it used to be, and NextGen truly represents that,” says Wang.. “I have grown the LUXE division completely organically through social media. But I think it shows the power of the online world and social media marketing.”

For those looking to follow in her footsteps, Wang has some sage advice.

“The most successful people are those who go against things,” she says.“Sometimes you feel crazy, you make mistakes, you do things wrong, but never underestimate your intuition and where it leads.”

With advice like that, we can be sure that NextGen will help lead the future of real estate. As for NextGen’s future plans, Wang says it’s a secret, but hopes the company will “take over.”

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