Nikki Haley’s secret list of nonprofit donors shows who will help her in 2024

  • Politico has obtained an unprecedented list of donors to Nikki Haley’s nonprofit, Stand for America.
  • This list shows millions of dollars donated by Republican megadonors.
  • That could give insight into who might be funding Haley’s potential bid for president.

Previously undisclosed documents obtained by Politico show wealthy donors who donated millions of dollars to Nikki Haley’s nonprofit, and who could fund the 2024 presidential election. may give insight into what is possible.

Top donors from Stand For America, Inc.’s 2019 Financial Disclosures include New Jersey Chief of Health Vivek Garipalli and his mother Lakshmi Garipalli, each giving $500,000 reported Politico. The late casino magnate Sheldon Adelson and his wife Miriam Adelson each donated his $250,000. Miriam also donated her $5,000 to Hailey’s PAC in 2021.

The donation shows Haley’s support base as she hopes to run for president in 2024 and possibly face former President Donald Trump. Politico says some of the donors have ties to the former president himself.

But the donations came even before Trump lost the 2020 re-election race, Politico noted. But it also faces mounting legal challenges.

Haley, who served as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations during the Trump administration, walked a tightrope in support of Trump.

Documented, a government watchdog group, was the first organization to obtain an unredacted copy of the IRS filing and turn it over to Politico. Its deputy executive director, Brendan Fisher, told Politico that it’s rare to get such a glimpse of the large donations going to nonprofits like Haley’s.

“It is very rare for the public to have the opportunity to see the identities of donors who are providing five- or six-figure donations to dark money groups.It is called dark money for a reason. The public doesn’t know who is who. is funding these groups and this is a rare exception,” Fisher said.

And Haley’s team didn’t want the public to see the documents — Politico said it received a cease and desist letter from Haley’s lawyers before the article was published.

“The disclosure of confidential tax returns is a clear and corrupt violation of state and federal laws designed to intimidate conservative donors,” Haley said in a statement to Politico. “Liberals have always weaponized government against conservatives, and Republicans have been too kind for too long. We’ll let the money stop here.”

Other contributors named in the filing include Bernie Marcus, a Trump ally and Home Depot co-founder with a six-figure donation, and Chicago Cubs owner and Republican mega-donor. A certain Joe Ricketts donated $50,000.

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