Nonprofit promises affordable housing at Crest Motel near Howell

On Tuesday, August 16, 2022, Community Catalysts Development Co. Chairman of the Board Becky Phelps visited Howell Township's Crest Motel to discuss its renovation plans.

A Howell-based nonprofit seized the opportunity to transform run-down motels into affordable housing for needy residents.

Community Catalysts Development Co. recently purchased the west portion of the former Crest Motel at 4495 W. Grand River Avenue, about three miles west of downtown Howell Township.

Construction crews have begun a major renovation to transform the over 5,000-square-foot building into an extended-stay motel called Bethel Suites.

Construction is underway to transform the former Crest Motel in Howell Township into a discounted extended stay motel.

“The people we serve will be a diverse group of people,” said Eileen Zilch, who founded the development group’s pro-nonprofit Community Catalysts a few years ago to make livingston county affordable. increase the choice of affordable and transitional housing in

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“People in the community are looking for a clean and safe place to stay for a week, a month or several months. We are waiting for it to be possible,” Zilch said.

a "Vision" The photo shows what a motel room at Bethel Suites looks like after Howell's nonprofit Community Catalysts Development Co. completes a major renovation of Howell Township's former Crest Motel.

Units are expected to be $35 per night for motel style units with kitchenettes and about $60 per night for apartment style units with full kitchens and multiple rooms. Bethel Suites also features efficient apartment-style units at mid-range prices.

Zilch said other housing assistance organizations are placing people in temporary and emergency housing at other local facilities by negotiating discounted rates.

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