North Fork Police urge patience as fall activity brings crowds east

North Fork Police are urging communities to be patient as autumn activity draws more people east.

This time of year can be a double-edged sword for the community due to heavy traffic with apple and pumpkin pickers.

This is the most profitable time of year for business owners, but the sheer number of visitors makes it difficult to get around.

“This is a very important time for us.

She said she expects many people to come to her farm to pick apples.

Those who live in the North Fork sometimes choose to stay home during the busy weekends.

Mattituck’s Claudia Berry says she hopes the business thrives, but can’t wait for the busy season to end.

“We’re never going anywhere. We’re not going,” Berry says. “Because it’s gotten so bad that it’s literally stopped traffic. It’s stopped.”

The Southold Police Department is directing traffic on busy fall weekends.

“Please be respectful or patient with anyone who wants to visit,” said Capt. James Ginas of the Southold Police Department. “And for residents, unfortunately, this is the way it is now and we have to learn to deal with it in the coming months.

Jinus expects a record fall to come at the orchard, farmer’s market, vineyard, and pumpkin patch.

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