North Hills Area Property Transactions for the Week of August 28, 2022


RAAB Inc. sold the 555 Dawson Ave. property to Walmar Ramos Perez and Pneyda Vasquez Avila Santos for $190,000.

Joseph Ielapi sold the 47 S Balph Ave. estate to Nicholas John and Paige Lafountaine for $381,640.


Grant Watkiss sold the 116 Cherry St. estate to Kyle Helal and Dawn Furman for $220,000.

Tyler Nowakowski has sold the 45 Greeley Ave. property to QZ Funding LLC for $57,000.

Patrick McTighe has sold his 3 Spring St. Ext estate. For $70,000 to William McTighe.

Franklin Park

Tracy Garde sold the 1622 Brandtview Drive property to Courtney Kuhn for $325,000.

Chad Spencer has sold the property at 1603 Forest Ridge Drive to Matthew and Amanda Scanlon for $448,000.

Lianhua Qu sold the 1533 King Charles Drive estate to Clayton Albert and Terra Cook for $380,000.

Adam Rekaise has sold the property at 2354 Sylmar Drive to Shannon Courson for $102,250.


Christina Varrasso has sold her 5156 Amaretto Drive property to Robert and Isolina Pendergast for $600,000.

Vicky Lynn Ferguson has sold the 4065 Circle Drive estate to Jeffrey and Willow Moskiek for $580,000.

Jeremy McClintock has sold the 3801 Greenfield Road property to EK Restate Fund I LLC for $375,000.

Robert Kopert Jr. sold the 3259 Oaknoll Road property to Benjamin Opp for $375,000.

Marie Orlando has sold the 3270 Windstream Drive property to LL Holdings LLC for $227,000.


Benjamin Marcus Homes LLC has sold the 1019 Goldeneye Drive property to Radley and Arielle Haddad for $1,406,730.

Dan Liu has sold the property at 309 Londonberry Court to Jamie Ania Walker for $620,000.

Sihong Wang sold the 248 Seasons Drive property to Bryan Vorp and Kira Walters for $555,000.

Andrew Litton has sold the 139 Watson Drive property to Kelly Foreman for $297,000.


Jeong Hoon Lee sold the 132 Ashley Hill Drive property to Wei Dong and Yanchao Ran for $486,000.

Daniel Birch sold the 413 Barry Drive estate to Harry Holmes III for $265,000.

William Bis Jr. sold the 1218 Bingay Drive estate to Jennifer Harper and Patricia Sogue for $255,100.

Mae Fanny sold the property at 907 Camelot Drive to Curtis Aiken for $141,250.

John Petro sold the 307 Cottingham Drive estate to Nancy Kimberly Lewis for $230,000.

114 Morewood LLC has sold the 9420 David Drive property to Kurt Richard and Laura Stevenson Weiss for $490,000.

Michael Yasko sold the 149 E. Sandle Ave. estate to James and Allison Sullivan for $242,000.

Lu Tao Spohia Wang sold his property at 210 Reichold Road to Yu Li Wang for $322,455.

Ronald Arnett sold his 1301 Towne Ct estate to Jeffrey Reidenbaugh and Anthony Turo for $355,000.

mill veil

MWS Properties LLC has sold the property at 422 Colton St. to Melanie Walker for $135,000.


NVR Inc. has sold the property at 158 ​​Dama Drive to Eun Kyung Shin and Kang Ho Su for $42,360.

Associate Leslie Lord. LLC sold the Dana Drive property to his NVR Inc. for his $280,000.

NVR Inc. has sold the property at 107 Lindana Ct to 8 Murray 8 LLC for $582,000.

David Sollami has sold the 120 Player Lane property to Bryan Overton and Lisa Pan for $840,000.


NVR Inc. sold a property of unknown address to Jeffrey Lee Anderson for $417,270.

NVR Inc. has sold a property of unknown address to Sampath Liyanage Kulasinghe Liyange for $427,635.

CG Master GP LLC has sold a property of unknown address to NVR Inc. for $370,164.

Beverly Jordan sold the 608 Broadmore Ln estate to James Lucot Jr. for $304,000.

Seth Oranburg has sold the 125 Drake Drive property to Mason Cole for $740,000.

Faiz Pourarian has sold the 803 Fairgate Drive property to Jorge Sigfrido Belda Pilan and Veronica Alcazar Gamarra for $373,000.

Emily Morgan Southers has sold her 511 Garden Way estate to Robert and Sharon Crumb for $385,000.

Daniel Trombola sold the 173 Pinkerton Road property to Benjamin Kenny and Caitlin Loudon for $876,000.

CG Master GP LLC has sold the 3042 Spruce Road property to NVR Inc. for $280,000.

Station Park Properties LLC has sold the property at 220 Swinderman Road to Najee Harris for $779,900.

Stephen Paskorz sold the 240 Timothy Road property to Michael Eidinov and Danielle Carmil for $600,000.


Patricia Mastelino has sold her 121 Bellfield Court estate to Michael Haberman for $325,000.

John Schaefer sold the 127 Lana Lane estate to John Donald Signer Jr. and Cathy Lou Signer for $299,900.

Duke Enterprises Inc. has sold the property at 6187 William Flynn Highway to Dewey Homes & Invest Properties LLC for $580,000.


Jeffrey Klinefelter sold his 110 Fifth St. property to Brandon Day for $203,755.

Suyang Wu sold his 218 Sixth Ave. property to Stephanie Ryan for $195,000.

Philip Wrzosek has sold the 301 Blaze Drive property to Evgenia Vorobeva Adamovich for $245,750.

Michael Yerman sold the 312 Calderwood Ave. property to Tyler Thomas Cusano for $220,500.

Meilin Tian sold the 230 Dombey Drive property to Jessy John and Sebin Xavier for $370,000.

John Keller Jr. has sold the 1304 Glarius Ave. property to RP2ALL LLC for $95,000.

Edward Boyd, Jr. Estate sold the 125 Isolda Drive estate to William Clyde Witherlow, Jr. and Laura Witherlow for $313,000.

Anthony Dilembo has sold the 518 Jacks Run Road property to Tin Du and Hannah Tiang for $265,000.

Wen Li sold the 158 Linden Court estate to Michael Colamarino for $203,000.

Ronald Gramm Realty has sold the 113 Snowden Drive property to Amax Capital Investment LLC for $223,500.


Daniel Garcia sold his 127 Loire Valley Drive estate to Nathan Roswog and Melanie Yabs for $361,500.

Erwin Betz Estate sold the 404 Reetz St. estate to Kenneth Landman Jr. and Courtney Landman for $200,000.

west deer

Ronald Plesh has sold the 808-812 Little Deer Crek Valley property to JAZO Properties III LLC for $350,000.

west view

Shophouse Home LLC sold the property at 223 Montclair Ave. to Thomas Orr and Gwendolyn Mazzotta for $447,557.

Anthony Marghella has sold the 125 Ridgewood Ave. estate to Dennis Vally and Amanda Collins for $171,000.

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