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Marilyn Miller sold the property at 421 Bellair Street to Wilman Olmedo Calderon and Janine Marie Brevik for $578,000.

Eileen Ravis has sold the 71 Marblehead Hbr property to LW Invests LLC for $237,500.

Franklin Park

Linda Fryz sold the 1622 Blackburn Heights Drive estate to Corey and Samantha Hirkala for $580,000.

William Jerry Schuhling has sold the property at 2366 Magee Road Ext. $399,900 for #2368 Michael and Kathy Rawlings.

Michael Pivar Jr. has sold the property at 2413 Nicholson Road to JRR Homes LLC for $175,000.

Balasubramanya Rangaswamy sold the 1702 S Hawthorn Court estate to Conor and Joelle Corcoran for $595,000.

Benjamin Finney II sold the property at 2365 Westgate Drive to Philip Christopher Huntington and Celine Haotian Zhou for $675,000.


Bradley Schrecengost has sold the 2900 Cavey Crest Circle property to Property Connection LLC for $48,825.

The Maureen Coon trustee has sold the 2107 Coventry Drive property to Daniel August and Alyssa Eden Brode for $420,500.

Hampton Development Co. LLC has sold the 3296 Long Meadow property to Michael Minton for $85,000.

Paul Duffer has sold the 4218 Middle Road property to JNM Investment Group LLC for $303,000.

Charles Hollerman sold the 4550 Nature Trail Drive property to James Wesley Howell and Sara Pierce for $625,000.

David Dietzel sold the 4531 Pinewood Ln estate to Nicholas and Melissa Reigh Berkholz for $342,000.

Robert Fiore Jr. has sold the property at 2860 W Bardonner Road Ext. Evan Francis Jans for $290,000.

SFR 3000 LLC sold the 4163 Wallace Road property to Raemie Bachman for $135,000.


Anthony Capizzi sold the 156 Harmony Road property to National Residential Nominee Services In for $415,000.

National Residential Nominee Services 156 Harmony Road property sold to Wei Zhang and Jianhua Li for $415,000.

Heurich Builders Inc. sold the 2005 Mallard Ln property to Benjamin Marcus Homes LLC for $260,000.

John Hankins III sold the 340 Osona Lynn estate to Donald Joseph and Wasana McCann for $489,000.

Linda Bauer has sold her Route 856 property to Route 856 Property LLC for $400,000.


Carl Johnson sold the property at 107 Breckenridge Drive to Usman Chatta and Myra Tahirkheli for $810,000.

Maryann Reed sold the property at 603 Calais Drive Apt 2204 to Justin Reed for $105,000.

Bernadette Petrillo sold the 429 Demmler Drive estate to Donald and Erica Sinatra for $350,000.

Hongmin Yun sold the property at 1609 Harewood Sq to Hyung Don Park and Thanh Nguyen for $225,000.

Ziggymoss Land Co. LLC sold the 9714 Harmony Drive property to Christian Djiofack for $340,000.

Geraldine Connors trustees have sold the 375 Haugh Drive estate to Matthew Knaus and Hope Koutsouflakis for $280,000.

John Neely sold the 1795 Hedwig Drive estate to Matthew Rian Johnson for $320,000.

Colleen Romano sold the property at 226 Ridgeview Drive to Turner and Jennifer Gott for $551,000.

Diane Kaleugher has sold the 9816 Sumner Drive property to David and Aimee Diandrea Anoia for $1,185,000.

Cynthia Taylor sold her 201 Sunset Road property to Jeremy Pussegger and Rebecca Tisherman for $350,000.

Susan Schindler has sold her 10579 Timber Edge Drive estate to Brett Schindler and Sarah Summers for $300,000.


Nvr Inc. sold a property of unknown address to Allison Jackson Williams of Andrew and Susan for $526,616.

Joseph Dzierzawski has sold his property on Babcock Blvd. To Nathan and Amber Manuel he for $400,000.

Thelma Sherrett Estate has sold the 161 Buckwheat Drive property to Viktor Sizov for $215,000.

Alan Rowe sold the property at 151 Hufhand Ln to Alan and Patricia Rowe for $3,000.

Eric Rader has sold the 119 Northbrook Drive property to Jalaluddin Umar and Maryam Jalal for $807,500.

Yuchao Yang has sold the property at 124 Oakhaven Drive to BGRS LLC for $551,000.

BGRS LLC sold the 124 Oakhaven Drive property to Denis and Natalia Vorobev for $551,000.

Steve Kenner sold the 716 Parkview Drive property to Taylor Martin Hiott and Lauren Brooke Johnson-Hiott for $1,425,000.

NVR Inc. sold the property at 4905 Spruce Road to Joshua James Bartley and Suzanne Joan Woodcock for $444,045.

Trustee Catherine Smith has sold the 4013 Village Run Road property to Jerry Jiayuan Gao and Haomin Hu for $352,000.

Nvr Inc. has sold the 8100 Walnut Way property to Eight 8 Murray 8 LLC for $410,000.


Trustee Rudolph Lasum has sold the 117 Gardenview Drive property to Cody Crawford and Brooke Tarrant for $225,000.

James Carpenter sold the 145 Ramage Road property to Darren and Kathleen McAllen for $285,000.


Florence Roberts sold the property at 4149 Dickie Road to Paul Blendinger and Jordyn Bailey for $320,000.

Arthur Blymiller Jr. has sold the Grubbs Road property to BMDS McKnight LLC for $150,000.

Trustee Phillip Bednarik has sold the 5431 Hamilton Road property to John Robert Francis for $240,000.

Barry Kimmell sold the 304 Mactavish Court estate to Joseph Schmidt and Stephanie Listwak for $421,500.

Gregory Oliver sold his Suncrest Drive estate to Brian Hedrick for $40,000.

Lawrence Kleiner sold the property at 120 Whitby Place to Zachary and Julie Kupeck for $395,000.


Marshall Kent Evering has sold his 191 Sixth Avenue property to Scott Schultz for $165,000.

Kent Baldwin Real Estate has sold the 117 Amherst Ave. property to G101 LLC for $185,000.

Daniel Derby has sold the 123 Cemetery Ln property to Hoffer Partner Properties LLC for $179,900.

Lisa Paterson sold the 52 Chapel Drive property to Bimar Realty Inc. for $160,000.

Boris Portnoi sold the 4108 Charlemagne Cir estate to Adam and Jacob Elsayed for $117,600.

Alexander Radkoff has sold the 150 Curtis Ct estate to Chase Clarke for $418,500.

Elinor Jane Erdly sold the 124 Longvue Drive property to William Drosendahl for $300,000.

Dustin Sorji has sold his 211 Nina Road estate to Angelo Cupani and Madeline Dashbach for $209,900.

North Boro Post 116 American Legion has sold its 1051 Perry Highway property to Vagabond Heart Holdings LLC for $150,000.

Jide Onifade has sold the 114 Pinevalley Drive property to Nucompass Mobility Services Corp. LLC for $605,000.

Nucompass Mobility Services Corp. LLC has sold the property at 114 Pinevalley Drive to Harikesh Subramanian and Mahathi Indaram for $605,000.

Mark Mildrich has sold the property at 109 Raleigh Ct to Olivia Rauktis for $205,000.

Trustee John Hoppe has sold the 931 Waldwick Drive property to Kevin Bryce and Courtney Sarah Longmuir for $322,000.

Jacqueline Landy sold the 332 Woodbridge Drive property to David Bytnar for $172,000.

Alex Knowles has sold the 90 York Drive estate to Aaron Greenberg and Rachel Innocenge for $270,000.


Jonathan William Switzer has sold the 2900 Angeline Drive estate to Michael and Chelsea Stacchiotti for $435,000.

Richard Dominitas Real Estate has sold the 220 Belladonna Drive property to Dillon Dominitas for $195,000.

Trustee Mark Calvino has sold the property at 135 Cherrywood Drive to Michael Konopelski for $549,000.

Robert Richie sold the 41 Colony Oaks Drive estate to Joseph and Jennifer Benoit for $201,200.

Trustee Sarah Redonne Ludwig sold the property at 72 Fisher Avenue to Adam Bechtel for $113,500.

Elmer Horne Jr. sold the 228 Iola St. estate to Benjamin Mercer and Amber Hall for $231,850.

Richard Burkhart has sold the 17 Mansion Ave. property to SFR 3060 LLC for $239,000.

Dale Meeder Estate sold the 32 Oakwood Sq estate to Luke Radziminski for $193,000.

Agnes Lebakken sold the 113 Park Ln property to Jefferson Palmer and Haley Mutz for $249,500.

Howard Fairman Estate has sold the 312 Shoreham Drive property to Mikhail Lemayev and Marina Leonova for $285,000.

John Hrebik sold the 1715 Vollmer Drive property to Colin Simcoviak for $220,000.

west deer

Glasso Development Co. LP has sold the 946 Copper Creek Trl property to Bonnie Hopkins Trustees for $448,337.

Glasso Development Co. LP has sold the 948 Copper Creek Trl property to Roriann and Linn Whitaker Howard for $467,487.

Nicholas Marini sold the 14 Henry Road estate to Brantis and Katherine Davis for $235,000.

Clayton Smith has sold the property at 185A Michael Road to Devin Matz for $111,000.

Raymond Swab sold the 4705 Woodlake Drive property to Elijah Stoehr and Angel Vermeersch for $265,000.

west view

Cynthia Wilbur sold the property at 164 Chalfonte Street to Todd Richard Palobec and Mary Beth Tedesco for $235,000.

Kathleen Ann Casey Estate sold the 35 Norwich Ave. estate to Mohcine and Nicole Eljoufri for $220,000.

Thomas Grogan has sold his 21 Richland Ave. property to Concetta Trama for $165,000.

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