Northeast Georgia Food Banks Growing to Offer

A Northeast Georgia food bank is preparing to build a new facility in Athens. The new building will be constructed at 890 Newton Bridge Road, across the street from the current location.

The building will increase the food bank’s footprint by 63,000 square feet, a 65% increase over its current capacity. The additional space will help the food bank facilitate the fight against food insecurity across the organization’s 14 county service areas.

“In a world of food banking and the end of food insecurity, people matter, so space matters,” said Erin Berger, president and CEO of Northeast Georgia Food Bank. “For us, every square foot represents more food, fresher food, and a human being who doesn’t worry about the next meal.”

In his 30-year history with food banks, Berger said:Now we see a future that no single neighbor has [to] Stress on food and basic preparations. This new home is the foundation for realizing that vision. ”

This expansion will allow Northeast Georgia food banks to double their volunteer opportunities on the ground over the next five years. It also increases the food bank’s annual output by up to 5 million pounds, or 4.2 million servings for him. The Food Bank works with 211 distribution agencies across the region and last year he distributed 11 million pounds of food.

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